ON MARCH 4, 2002 AT 1:02 PM


“I am Saint Clare.  I have rarely spoken openly through This Gift of Divine Love in which The Father constantly shows His Divine Love through so Many of The Saints Here in the Heavens.

So many times We hear individuals question: ‘What is Heaven?  What could It be like?  There are no bodies There.  Do the Souls recognize Each Other by Name?’ We All smile at this because the human way of thinking is very evident.  Even when individuals talk to The Creator of All Things, most times they only picture a human form, but He is much More than this.  The Beauty of human life was given by the Ultimate Source of Communication that only The Divine has recourse to, and also control of.

Though it is difficult for many individuals of all ages to think about what The Creator looks like, Where He Exists, We All smile at this, because human beings of all ages automatically associate The Divine with the human figure and mind.  That is why it is so important that all degrees of intellects, all backgrounds of life, begin to understand that the Soul that is given at the moment of conception, is beyond what the human mind can comprehend, but the Soul is constantly aware of all that the individual does.

I smile when I say My next Words, because the Soul oftentimes feels They are in care of the one in whom They were placed at the moment of conception.

As a family grows, there are always those who are in charge.  This tradition has been handed down through time, so it is logical to say, for each birth of a human life, The Divine is involved, and of course, the Soul of every individual innately understands and knows that They are Part of The Divine, and in Their efforts to help those in whom They are placed, They try very hard to get the individual to see the nature of the importance of purity of the body and the mind.

I close My Words now, but as I close Them, I want to add:  The Father’s Love for human life is Far Beyond what a human mind can compare their way of love, their way of understanding, to exist.  So be it.”

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