ON MARCH 7, 2002 AT 12:58 PM


“The little one The Father has chosen for this Monumental Task, is driven by a Force of Divine Purpose, Reason, Reasoning, and Divine Love.

The world has been Blessed with a Gift of This Dimension.  The obvious Truths that pour forth through This Gift of Divine Love are intended to lead not thousands, but millions of Souls to The Father at a given time.

The human mind is a Gift beyond any other living matter or thing, and it is through the human mind that all degrees of mentalities, all backgrounds of human life will see the Importance of All that is and has been delivered for a very long time.

As We listen to those standing on the outside of ‘this place’ where you are, many of them believe without question, and sincerely want to spread What is being delivered because of the logic in It, the purpose in It, and that it is beyond human ability to speak how a Saint would speak, to think how a Saint would think because, do not forget, you are not dealing with the human side of The Saints, you are dealing with Their Souls, and Everything that is delivered is as The Father Wills It to be, because This Gift of Divine Love is to give to all of human life available, the Importance of human life, and that it has a Goal different, but One beyond what a human being could possibly imagine the Beauty of, or the Magnitude of, because it is through the Soul that Sainthood is made possible for a human being.

There are many, many theologians throughout the world who have read, and continue to read theory on what human life is all about.  The Father has given This Gift, bearing the Name of The Beloved Saint Joseph, and in This Gift so Many Saints have been requested to speak, instructing as They go to all degrees of intelligence, the Importance of human life having a Soul, and the Importance of the Soul, because it is That Portion of human life that will return to The Father.

Today as I speak, I say, ‘There is no Saint Here in the Heavens that does not want to see every human being alive not know about This Gift of The Father’s Love that expresses openly, clearly, the Importance of human life that no other living matter or thing is the custodian of.’

We hear so much emphasis on the pride that is taken on the mentalities of several individuals that openly are talked about.  It is important that more emphasis be put on the Soul that is rarely spoken about, because It cannot be seen, cannot be heard, but It is definitely felt in a natural form, way, condition, that causes a human being to know that what they are doing is either right or wrong, good or evil, pure or impure.

The Father has given to the world a Gift Greater than the human mind can comprehend It to be, because as He has requested so Many of Us Here in the Heavens to partake in This Gift to human beings of all degrees of values, concerns, and all other human things, the world has been Blessed.

The time has come that This Gift of Divine Love cover every corner of the world.  It is needed, because there are no other words put into script that give so much Information on what human life is gifted with.

As I close My Words I bless you, those who write the Words, and I beseech you to remember:  There are millions of Souls that want These Words, and All the Other Words that have been given, to be heard by those with whom They are a Portion of, but cannot be seen, felt, or acknowledged, because the Soul is a hidden Gift of Divine Love by The Creator of All Things.”

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