ON JULY 16, 2002 AT 12:38 PM


“I am Saint Clare.

The world at this time is in great need of more Spiritual understanding, because through humanism there is too much of an allowance of impurities of the mind, the body, affecting the Souls of millions of human beings.

It is so important that individuals of all races of human life understand that in the Creation of human beings there was Divine Plan.  Each birth is gifted with a Portion of The Creator, unseen, but there is much evidence It is there.  Each human being has within it a Gift of Divine Love, sometimes difficult for many to understand, but the sound logic in this Statement is evident, because human life is different than any other thing that is termed ‘living’.

Today as I speak, I speak with deep Love for human life, much concern, because so little is being instructed on the finite portions that human life is gifted with.  It is Important, this Gift of The Father’s Love, because it is important for the Soul to return to The Creator in a State of Purity.

We hear so many individuals try to criticize the fact that each birth is said to have a sin.  In reality, the sin is not a sin as mankind knows sin to be.  It is an inherited point to remind all of human life to not sin, and that sin can spread in many ways, many degrees.

The words connected to the conception of a human being is to alert all around this conception to do all things in a pure state, to instruct the little one in a pure state, and be sure to instruct the little one that to be born a human being has a Goal beyond what anything else has.

There are thousands of Words that could be dictated on this subject, but it is so important for human beings of all ages to remember, that having a Soul that is a Portion of The Creator, should constantly remind them they are gifted with a Special, Specific Goal to one day return That Portion of The Creator, the Soul, and feel the understanding, intensity of this Soul, to one day be called ‘a Saint in Heaven’.

I could speak hours on the importance of this subject, because there are so few individuals throughout the world who ever think of the importance of how they were created, and What they have within them that nothing else created has.  The Father smiles at These Words and says:  It is good to have Them repeated, so all ages will remember the Soul, as a Portion of Me, must be returned to Me to be called ‘Saint’.”

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