ON SEPTEMBER 16, 1998 AT 2:00 PM


“I am Saint Columbkille.  I must first address the subject regarding All that has been spoken at ‘this time’.

Mankind wants to be updated and to fully understand what is going on around him or her that could be beneficial to their way of life, or dangerous to their well-being.  Curiosity in human life is innate, and many times very, very important to the welfare of the individual or individuals, because to know the importance of a subject matter can many times eliminate harm to one’s self or to others.

The world has been Blessed with a Gift of Communication.  This Close Communication, through one voice, from so Many of Us Here in the Heavens, is a Gift of Divine Grace, Divine Love, because without This Gift mankind would be open to all the influences that are not supportive of serious moral advantages, that many times attack an individual, and could be destructive to one’s physical life, mentality, or decisions.

So many times We hear men, women and children asking for help.  They want it to be direct, as if they are talking to one of their own family, or a friend, or an acquaintance.  The Greatness of This Gift of The Father’s Love for mankind covers many subjects, also encourages every individual to realize, to recognize the Gift of human decision should be guided by its moral value, its justification, its protection, and also the importance of it to the Soul of the individual.

So many violent instruments are used by many people, violent to the flesh, to the mentality, and to the moral standards, giving to the victim horrible blows of indecencies, plus physical abominations to the flesh.

The Father has allowed so Many of Us to speak openly through This Gift of His Divine Love, through one small voice, one small body, bound to obedience because of the Importance of What she has been chosen to be the instrument of.

Ask yourself:  How many times have you enjoyed responsible obedience that involved communication with others like yourself?  Did you oftentimes ignore what you wanted the other individual to respond to, or did you always have the courage to speak out, speak up, and say what you felt was important?  Think about this.

At ‘this time’, The Father has directed so Many of Us Here to awaken mankind to the Importance of human life, and to the Goal for which it was created; plus, for mankind to stop being weak in decisions that catered to the enemy, thus weakening the individual even more than it was thought to be.

Today Many Saints have spoken in general conversation, as it is each day, at this time in your lifetime.  How much have you remembered?  How much have you changed?  How much have you instructed others on?  I could ask many questions here, because human nature has the habit of shortening important measures when it comes to enlightening others that may not accept the subject as it should be accepted.

The Soul becomes ‘a victim’ more times than mankind can relate to.  Human nature very often responds to an important issue, and humanly feels that they should not have been spoken to regarding this particular subject.  Mankind does not fully understand that human life was created not just for success in the human life, but for a Greater Goal than human life can offer, because without the Soul in human life, there would be no Future.  The Soul is the recipient, and the Soul is to return to The Creator.

Granted, to some very so-called ‘learned’ men and women, This Statement is inconceivable, but I assure you, Truth of This Magnitude would be difficult for human life to conceive, attaining a Goal such as Sainthood.  Now, Sainthood does not always mean that you will be honored, revered, or remembered, but it does mean that your time will be a Time of Happiness, in immediate Service and Closeness to The Creator.  What Greater Glory could mankind reach for than to strive to become ‘a Saint’?  So be it.”

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