ON NOVEMBER 4, 1992 AT 1:06 PM


“I am mentioned in the Holy Mass.  My Name is Cyprian.  This Miracle was not given to the world to provoke the Hierarchy of Holy Mother Church.  It was given to substantiate specific conditions, situations and Truths that in some minds have been thought about, but fear of making such statements entered into the individual’s fears, and the fears took over because of the reaction that would take place.

All that has been spoken through This Beautiful Miracle, through a very small woman, has been given so that the Proper Identification would become part of the teaching of Holy Mother Church.

Man does not like to be the brunt of rejection, but All of Us Here use this little one to say the Words powerful men have been afraid to say: ‘Saint Joseph is Truly The Third Person of The Holy Trinity.  The Soul is Truly a Portion of God.’ How else could We speak to you?  Logic is so obvious when mankind even mentions Sainthood.  Logic says:  What part of man could become a Saint?  What part of man could represent the individual in Heaven?  Obviously not the body, as you know a body to be.  Obviously not just the brain.  That would be ridiculous thinking.

When a man, woman or child is identified in the world, it is because of the human structure that is obvious.  The name belongs to the human identifiable individual.  Now ask yourself, ‘How could this be associated with in Heaven?’ No human part arrives bearing the name.  So logic says it has to be the Soul.  And why all the emphasis on the necessity for purity of mind, body and Soul?  Because in the human form they are interrelated.

Man’s creation had a specific Means, and also a specific Purpose, Reason.  Mankind denying that the Soul is a Portion of God, is openly rejecting the Power of Divine Love, the Power of Divine Light, and the Power that would automatically instill a Special Portion that would be directly connected to God; else, why would He Desire so much to have the Soul return to Him for All Eternity?

Mankind says, ‘I feel so alone.’ That is in the mind, circumstances, and in forgetting that within the human body there is a Soul.  The Soul is the Strength that initiates, cultivates Faith in God.  The Soul is the Force that teaches mankind purity from impurity, right from wrong, good from evil.  The Soul is what gives mankind the sensitivity to understand that human life is Valuable, has Reason, and must be protected.

I sincerely hope that My Words will spread throughout the world, because My Words are given to help mankind better understand the dignity of human life, and the Divine Love that was in its plan.  So be it.”

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