ON NOVEMBER 4, 1999 AT 12:55 PM


“I am Saint Cyprian.  So many times a name that is different draws more attention than truth, value, concern.  I smile at this Statement, because My Name, when announced, surprises many people, because it is not used many times, at this time.

The world is saturated with so many enemies, mental, moral, physical, psychological, and even in a creative factor of life.  Today as I speak, I speak with a deep concern, a sincere interest in all that is occurring amongst men, women and children throughout the world.  So much value is put on an individual’s success, their personal possessions, and what others think about them.

The world has been Blessed with a Gift of Divine Love wherein so much Instruction, by way of putting into Words the Importance of human life, what it means, and the Goal for which it was created.  As I speak there are Many Saints Who surround Me, because Each One of Us sincerely cares about the morality, the immorality of all people throughout the world.

If you were to walk up to an individual in your area of life, and ask them what their moral values, standards, understanding was like, you might meet with an irate human being, with them saying it was none of your concern.  That is why it is so important that each life, of any age, manages to be good example, rather than ask others’ opinions regarding their life.  Sound moral values, sound moral standards, sound activities are important, because everything an individual does, says, is more important to those with whom they are, than anything else, because every act, every word, reflects what an individual feels, thinks, accepts, and whether or not they are happy or they are just uncaring in what others think of them.

Children are not being instructed on how their ways reflect in everything they say, everything they do, because it helps others to better understand what is morally sound, morally acceptable, morally pure.

So Many Saints speak through This Gift of Divine Love, and it is sad that All that is revealed by Them does not travel rapidly to all corners of the world, because there is no place throughout the world that so Many Saints have been given the privilege, the honor, to instruct those who are yet to face Judgment.

There are so many different types of personalities, natures, preferences, ideals, talents and abilities, to choose what is pure over what is impure.  Ask yourself:  How many men, women or children that you are acquainted with or close to, ever say, ‘I want to be a Saint’?  Some may think this is being overly pious, or not accepted by others, this type of speech, but nonetheless, it is easy for some to say they want to be successful at what they are doing, they want to be financially secure, they want to understand what others like, what they do, what they are involved in.

As I leave you on this day, I beseech you to not be afraid to stand for what you know is good for the sake of others, not in a preaching way, because it is not your vocation, but in your example, because example is the greatest gift you can give to another human being when it radiates purity of the mind, the body, and courage to uphold what you feel, what you believe in.

As I leave you, I beseech you to remember one thing:  Your Soul wants to become ‘a Saint’.  So be it.”

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