ON AUGUST 4, 2000 AT 1:02 PM


Present are:  Saint Cyprian, Saint Peter Canisius, Saint Ignatius Loyola, Padre Pio, Saint John of The Cross, Saint Elizabeth of Hungary.

“We have come today to bless those who work for The Father’s Will to be spread throughout the world.

Though it is difficult for many to believe in This Gift of Divine Love, This Gift is truly a Gift of Divine Love, because at this time The Father’s Presence is obviously through so Many Saints Here in the Heavens, and it is needed by so many men, women and children to more fully understand that there is a Goal to life, and the Goal is not for the human side of man, but for the Spiritual Gift of Divine Love within each human life, the Soul.

There are many men and many women who have felt in the past, that they had a vocation to help others believe that there was an important Factor in life, and that was to be aware of The Creator.  So many failed in this through their own weaknesses, selfishness, egotism, and of course, lack of the Truth that they were originally conscious of.

Today as We All stand Here with a small group, it is with Deep Love that as We enter, it is The Father’s Will for Our Words to be put into script so that others may read Them, learn from Them, and be conscious of the Content in Them, when they are alone or when they are confronted with a decision on what is morally right for them, or what would be morally wrong for their Soul.

Our Presence is heavy on this little one through whom We All speak, but the Message that was to be given at this time is obviously ready for millions of men, women and children to read.  So be it.”

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