ON AUGUST 18, 1995 AT 2:27 PM


“I am Saint Dominic.  My time with you today is important, because I have come to alert mankind that Devotions to Our Heavenly Mother have subsided to the point where there is very little attention to Her in many ways.

Mankind must stop and think regarding Specific Devotions to The Mother of All Mankind.  As She stands in The Heavens, She is constantly aware of each child’s presence upon the earth, no matter where they are, no matter what country they live in, even those who do not know Her in any way.  All ages are Her children, all denominations are Her children, and She worries for the Souls of each one.

Many Visions in which She appeared, each one present would feel something special within them, not only based on their own degree of Faith, but a Grace that would pass from Her to their Soul.  Of course, none of this was seen, nor did anyone truly explain what was occurring.

Those who practice Devotions to Her are a joy to Her Ears, to Her Heart.  It is the most logical way to explain how She is affected by these prayers, because these are places in the human life that mankind can associate with.

Children are not being taught on the Magnitude of Her Being.  Children are not being instructed on the Degree of Love She has for all human beings.  Bible History, in some ways, spoke of Her as ‘The Mother of The Son of God’.  Also, there have been many Devotions addressed to Her, where children would kneel and pray aloud, some privately, and they would request favors because they knew that Her Love was beyond all human measure, human means.

Today as I speak to you through a little one in the world, I want you to remember the Importance of The Heavenly Mother’s Love for all human life, because She is fully aware that within each man, woman and child, there is a Portion of The Father, and This must never in any way be demeaned, but It must be thought of as a Treasure, a Treasure beyond anything that man can understand, man can comprehend, man can determine.

Man says to those close to him or her, ‘I love you.’ These are words of assurance between two human beings that give strength to the relationship.  The Beloved Heavenly Mother, in Her time upon the earth, left an Indelible Mark all Her Own, because as The Mother of The Son of God, She was the Example for all human life to come, and when She stood at the Foot of the Cross, Her Strength was beyond what human strength could conceive.  Though She looked mortal, She was Immortal, and it was Her Presence that gave to this Crucifixion not just a picture of Her Protection, but in essence, how She feels about all children born to the world.

She Is The Mother Of All Mankind, She Is The Giver Of Life, because you see, She Is United With God In The Divinity.  So be it.”

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