ON JANUARY 8, 2002 AT 12:40 PM


“I am Saint Dominic.

A child stands in fear of reprimand or physical harm.  This statement is also true about those who have grown in years.  Fear is innate in human life, whether some individuals admit to it or not, because sometimes fear is so ingrained that it does not show until specific things occur to make an individual, or more than one individual, respond.

When there is any instruction, or it can be called ‘teaching’ on the importance of and the value of purity in one’s way of life, many times it is ignored, because the word ‘purity’ says to some: ‘I feel like there is nothing I can do because of others observing it, making it out to be indecent, impure, unjust, cruel, and identify only things that perhaps are normal by nature, or in the human race.’

As I speak today, I speak with deep Love for human life of all ages.  It is important that more time is spent on the instruction of prayer, its purpose, and that prayer is the communication with The Divine that always gives strength, hope, and more understanding because of the communication that has been spoken about, instructed upon, that every individual is born with a Soul, with a Guardian Angel.  Logically, what more can be said, how close human life is to The Divine?

At this time throughout the world there is so much diabolical acceptance, preference, and practice.  I ask you, those who read My Words:  What happened to the sound understanding, realization, practicality that The Creator of All Things still Exists, and is Present at all times?  We see so many men, women and children violate, through their actions, That Portion of The Creator that is within them from the moment of their conception.  But it is even more than this; it is a defiance against truth, logic, hope, practicality, and also, belief that The Father would not create human beings to His Image and Likeness without instilling in them a Gift to give them the strength, to give them hope that they are protected constantly.

So few men, women and children take this into consideration.  To most, it is a casual remark that there is either Hell or Heaven, and many times they even brag about their innate feeling that they probably will go to Hell for how they think, how they talk, how they act, how they respond to what others believe in.

I know My Words today are unlike Most of What I reveal, but sometimes it is important to alert people of all ages to be aware of what they can become victims of, because of their own lack of seeing things in the reality they are; also, their indifference to what is morally sound, morally good, morally practical.

I could speak hours on this subject, because The Father has given to the world what Many of Us Saints call ‘Divine Love’, not in a capsule form, but in a Form of Communication that can be read and understood for the Value It is, because of the close Communication, Association that human life was created with, due to the Soul that, as a Portion of The Creator, is also a Portion of human life.

So many Words have been spoken, instructing in so many ways, for all degrees of intellect to more fully understand that there is a Goal for human life, there is a Reason for human life, there is a Love for human life, All Divinely Designed for The Ultimate Goal, Sainthood.”

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