ON APRIL 25, 2001 AT 12:28 PM


“It is with deep Love We speak to you on this day, because of the importance of how you believe in the Beauty and Glory of The Creator, and that your life has a Purpose beyond what a normal situation would say.

Today as I speak, there are Several Here with Me, and We smile at Them, because you see, each time We are told to have Our Words put into print for the whole world, it is a privilege of Sainthood to do this.

Many children will never know that they were born to return a Portion of them, the Soul, to The Heavenly Creator.  There is no one to tell them this Very Important Information, because throughout the world there is very little understanding of the Importance of human life, and What The Father placed within it, holding each individual close to Him in a Personal Touch, Personal Way.

The Soul is in many ways a Protector, and the Soul is the Part of an individual that will be returned to The Father on a given day.  We hear some say: ‘Why does It return to The Father, when my life I lived in a personal way?  Is there any part of me that is important enough to be seen, to be returned to The Father?’ We All smile at this, because the human mind does not see beyond, and that within the human body there is a Portion of The Creator of All Things.

Children should be instructed on what they are, and the importance of the responsibility they have to protect Something within them that is to be returned to The Creator at a given time.  So many times when We see children at play and they hurt each other, it is sad, because the one who is hurt feels something inside, rejection above all things.

So as These Words are given today, remember:  As you walk through life and you do all the things expected of you, and that you expect to do, never forget you have a Portion of The Creator within you, and in many ways, That is the Part of you that will bear your name when It is returned to The Father on a given day.  So be it.”

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