ON SEPTEMBER 28, 1999 AT 1:34 PM


“I am Saint Dominic.

It may be difficult for many men, women and children to understand that at ‘this time’, in this century, The Father has given to the world a Special Gift of His Divine Love.  So many, in reading This or hearing It, would visualize This Gift in a physical form that they could associate something solid, something pleasing, in a material form.

Few, if any, would understand the Greatness of The Gift of Divine Love that the written Word is the Connecting Link from The Divine to human life, through one voice, an obedient voice, and then to those, one or many, who would take the time to write What was being dictated:  Words that no human being would be capable of, because of the Format, the Truth, the Love that is not of a human thinking, or human desire to speak about, nor would any human being dare to make so many Statements, because the human mind would not register with such Love as The Divine.

The Father has given to the world a Miracle of Instruction that no individual could possibly make up, not even with an imagination of extraordinary means, because human life would be limited in a Love of This Degree.

Throughout the world men, women and children are searching for something to give them strength, something to encourage them to more fully understand in the True Presence of The Divine.  The Father, in His allowing This to happen, answered many prayers, because in All that is spoken by so Many Here in the Heavens, there is no human life that can deny the need for the Information, because it is obvious that What is spoken through This Gift of Divine Love has Instruction and has a Particular Type of Direction that the human mind would not be capable of.

Today, throughout the world, the enemy of God and man reigns in every area.  He is present to the very young, and basically to every age.

Today as I speak, I speak with a deep concern for These Words and All Others that have been delivered, to be passed to others throughout the world before human life becomes so much a part of what is evil that it will be difficult to change what an individual is doing, because evil will be so deeply imbedded and the Beauty of purity of mind, body and Soul will be rejected.

Mankind of all ages mentions love, sometimes loving someone, sometimes loving to do certain things, but rarely is it spoken about having a deep love for The Creator, and a deep love for All that has been given in Instruction regarding The Rules that were given.  Ask yourself, ‘Would not it be terrible to not have Rules to live by, Guidelines for one’s mental, physical, Spiritual values?’

The world is in chaos because so much diabolical practice is superseding what is morally sound, morally good, morally pure, and the Souls of millions of human beings are being desecrated by so much evil.  Sometimes We say to The Father: ‘Please shout so they can hear You.  Please, Dear Heavenly Father, We feel helpless because no one is listening to the Importance of This Gift of Divine Love.’ His response is: ‘As I deliver My Will, it is their free will, My Gift of My Divine Love that they must use to accept what is pure of mind, body and Soul.  The free will is a Gift, and they must remember this.  Also, they must also remember that as I have allowed so Many Saints to speak through one voice, All of Them have delivered not just Advice, but Hope in a sincere tone, each Word bearing a meaning understandable.  I gave them a free will.  It is My Gift of Divine Love, and they are to use that free will, because of the Portion of Me that they have a Part of.’

I beseech you remember These Words, and I beseech you to scatter All that has been delivered throughout the world.  Do not allow language to stand in your way, because in the Words there is Hope, and each Revelation that has passed through has a strength in It that can penetrate the most evil places in the world.  So be it.”

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