ON NOVEMBER 7, 2000 AT 12:57 PM


“I am Saint Edward.

The word ‘sacrifice’ has many more meanings than it is understood to have.  Sacrifice comes easy on some subjects to certain individuals, thus making the sacrifices less important to whatever the individual is offering it up for, or because of.

Sometimes to just be pleasant is a sacrifice, because of so many circumstances in the dealing with another human being that is irritating or difficult because of background, or many times because of jealousy over something insignificant.

The Father has Blessed mankind with a Gift Greater than human life’s mentality can fully understand.  The word ‘sacrifice’ to some says doing without something that they would most likely like to participate in, practice, or become a part of.

Another meaning would be an extended time for prayer that would be difficult for an individual, due to the time it would take.  Time to human beings is oftentimes more important than necessary to accept, believe, because time has a way of allowing many things to occur that should not be in one’s thinking, actions.

Today as I speak, I speak differently than Others, because The Father has requested the word ‘time’ to be seen for what it is.  Time to the human life helps an individual to practice sound moral acts that others will be able to see as important.  Prayer takes time, and it is always sad when We hear an individual say, ‘I don’t have time to pray like I wish I could.’ What the individual is dismissing from his or her thinking is that time is allowable.  It’s only a personal preference of how to use it.

I have spoken at another time, a long time ago, and I did not ask for My Words to be put into script, because when I think of the time a human being has to act in so many ways advantageous to the Soul, I cannot help but think of how much time is wasted in a twenty-four hour day.

As I close My Words, I want you to fully understand, the Gift of life is a Precious Gift of time to earn Sainthood as your Goal.  So be it.”

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