ON NOVEMBER 16, 1998 AT 1:10 PM


“I am Saint Elizabeth.  My Name is not often mentioned in your day, because through time mankind has become acquainted with so Many Saints in Heaven, and mankind must understand that to remember the Lives of The Saints is very, very, very important.

Everything has not been put into script regarding the Lives of All Who are Here with Me now.  The Heavenly Queen, The Mother of The Beloved Son of The Father, though evident in Certain Forms, Certain Ways, is not truly seen, understood in the Greatness She Is, attached to the Soul of every human being.

We hear men, women and children say prayers that they have learned through the writings of others.  This is good, but it is also important that each human being communicate in a personal way, because Every Saint is available when spoken to, because of the Soul that is in every living human being the whole time that the individual breathes air.

The world has been Blessed with so much Information elaborating on the Importance of human life, and the responsibilities that are innate in human life, because of the ability for mankind to think and to be able to absorb the full meaning of situations, conditions, occurrences, and behavior patterns of all with whom they come in contact.

In so many ways, for such a long time, much has been revealed to mankind regarding the importance of every thought, every word, every deed, every action, because of the Soul that is present at all times, assigned to an individual by The Creator of All Things.

These Words should not be difficult for anyone to understand, because each individual has an innate sensitivity of never truly being alone; there is always a hidden Presence, and a deep understanding of what one thinks, says, practices, participates in, or becomes associated with morally, mentally, physically, socially, educationally.

At ‘this time’ mankind has been gifted with a Great Divine Love of Instruction, open to millions through What is spoken from Many Saints, also by The Creator Himself, regarding what is expected of the Gift of human life, and the Importance of it; also, the dependence of his or her Soul on all an individual acts out, participates in, is the instigator of.

Granted, mankind reads All the Words and many times finds little need for change in himself or herself, because they automatically cast aside their responsibility for becoming human, and the responsibility of protecting a Gift of Divine Love, making this human life extraordinary, above all other living things or matter.

Many of Us Saints request The Father, ‘Can We not shout out loud, so they will hear a voice, so they will better understand?’ He says, ‘The Soul, as a Portion of Me, will help all who request help, because the Soul is My Love to each human being.’  So be it.”

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