ON MARCH 5, 1999 AT 1:02 PM


“I am Saint Elizabeth.  To many learned men and women throughout the world, This Gift of allowing so Many of Us to speak, and have Our Words put into print, is being rejected in many forms, many degrees, and in all areas of Spiritual understanding, human beliefs.

Casting aside the Importance in which the first words mankind was told to read, learn from, called ‘the Bible’, interpretation to mankind of concise wording made it difficult for the full understanding of a subject, and matter of importance.

It still is this way in the minds of human beings.  That is why The Father has Decreed and Designed This Gift of His Divine Love, to speak in some ways extensively on issues that mankind must understand as important to the benefit of his or her Soul, and not just Something to be read, and cast aside because it is not useful to their vocation in the world.

Today as I speak, I have chosen My Words carefully, because so much is and has been spoken by so Many from Here, but We hear and We see individuals who desperately need to read, to understand, to uphold, to follow to the letter the Directions, try to ignore the Value, the Importance, the Love, the Reasons, and from Where All This Divine Love comes from.

Many times as the little one speaks, the one through whom All These Things pass, her voice is small, and so much sounds as a human version, a human idea, when in reality it is One of Us speaking through her, so that those listening may feel more comfortable with the subject matter, and feel it more humanistic in Its Content.

The Divine Love that flows through This Gift of The Father’s is a Love beyond what human love can be compared to, because human love is based on the relationship that man has with man, and the things they have in common with each other on worldly measures, worldly practices, and many times on financial awareness.

So much passes through one voice, because so Many Saints have the privilege to enlighten those who will write What is spoken, and those who will read It with an open mind, using the Value of What is spoken to make their lives fuller mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

As The Father has Blessed the world, using so Many of Us to speak, using the fact that We, too, walked the earth in the human way, and the Communication should be felt as One Who can and could associate with the present day manner of living.

I smile through this little one that speaks My Words, because as Each of Us speaks in a different manner and Our Words pass through her mentality, through her love, it is a Closeness difficult for mankind to understand, but evident when the Words are read, because no human being would have the ability to take on so Many Characters with so much Love, so much Obedience, and so much Truth.  So be it.”

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