ON MARCH 9, 1999 AT 1:30 PM


“I am Saint Elizabeth.  It is with great Love, deep respect that I come to speak today.  My Words are of Great Importance to the whole of mankind.

Mankind in many ways thrives for success, constantly trying to defeat what is wrong, and lacks a genuine purpose.

The world has been handed a Gift of constant Communication through one small voice.  Everyone who reads the Words try to ignore the Value of Them, the Necessity of Them, the Truths in Them, the Importance of what These Words mean for every portion of human life, especially the Soul that each individual is the custodian of.

When We hear individuals speak of the importance of a child, and what hopes they have for this child, We, too, hope that this child will have enough instruction morally, physically, mentally, spiritually, to fully understand what a Precious Life human life is to man.

Children are not being instructed properly on the importance of every act they partake in that can be considered physical, mental, moral.  Most individuals in charge of all age groups, many times eliminate proper instruction on what is pleasing to God.

Granted, it is important that youngsters be involved in many aspects of life:  the arts, the sports, and the challenges that give strength to their mentalities, helping them to better understand many important subjects that can give to their lives a greater understanding of things outside the realm of the basics they are instructed in formally, to aid them in the natural responsibilities of daily life.

The Father has given to the world a Gift beyond what mankind understands, This Blessing through The Beloved Saint Joseph, allowing so much to be written, so that It will remain in the minds of those who will read It, and strengthen their understanding of the Importance of human life, and how many Beautiful Gifts The Father instilled that are not just helpful in daily life, but advantageous to a fuller knowledge on many subjects, inspiring individuals to see further into areas that allow an individual to be more adept in understanding how much there is available for individuals to grow mentally, spiritually, physically.

So many Blessings have been given to the human way of life, and so few are appreciated.  So many are willfully abused, and so many are lost because of laziness, indifference, and a total disinterest in the importance of what can be gained by taking the time to use advantageously, things that will give strength to the mind, the physical, and the Spiritual growth that, in essence, can touch the lives of others through one’s voice, one’s example, in just daily living.

I end My Words with a Blessing, and all who will read My Words are promised that this Blessing will pass on to them if they will but seek The Father’s Love, His Will, for the sake of their Soul that is an Important Portion of The Creator.  Granted, It cannot be seen physically, but It is felt in every moral decision, every act an individual partakes in, through the right or the wrong that an individual accepts at a given time.”

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