ON OCTOBER 28, 1998 AT 1:09 PM


“I am Saint Elizabeth of Hungary.  I will speak in a tone, a manner, understandable to all degrees of intellect, because it is important that All that is written through This Gift of The Father’s Love has a Great Purpose for the lives of all of mankind.

When I speak My Name, so many would expect Me to speak in a language not understandable, but The Father, in His Gift of Divine Love, allows All of Us Here to speak in the language of the child through whom All Things pass.

The world has been Blessed.  Mankind has been Blessed by This Gift of The Father’s Love for human life.  There is no place in the world so much Personal Direction is being delivered, alerting all races, all colors, all creeds, all ages, to better understand that human life is Important in Divine Plan.

It is sad to hear individuals not understand that human life has an advantage over all other living matter or things.  It is not just because of the intelligence that human life is Blessed with, but the Soul that human life is Blessed with at the moment of conception, giving to human life a Gift Greater than any human achievement can make claim to.

It is important that This Gift of The Father’s Love, This Gift of Instruction wherein the Words are put into script, requesting no changes in Context, Content, because it is of Great Importance that mankind understand This Gift of Direction, Instruction, helping all degrees of intelligence to be able to learn to value more the Gift of human life, because of the Soul for which it is and always has been created.

Throughout the world though, there is little instruction on What human life is the custodian of, that gives to human life an Important Goal, because of the Soul that is a Portion of The Creator that nothing else has.

This Gift of The Father’s Love plays many roles in the daily life of every individual human being, because innately It whispers in a particular way to the individual.  Some call it ‘conscience’, some call it ‘knowing right from wrong’, but I promise you, the Soul is involved in every thought, word, deed, action, hope, dream, always trying to, in some form, some way, encourage the individual to reach for purity over impurity, love over hate.

The world has been Blessed.  All of mankind has been Blessed with This Gift so close to human life, allowing mankind to write It in Its full degree in each Lesson that is to encourage purity for the benefit of one’s Soul and mind.

Today as I speak, I speak with great Affection to all who inwardly desire to understand, that as mankind lives each day in human life, there are challenges, there are hopes, there are dreams, there are goals, but the Soul is the recipient of all that an individual acts out, acts on, participates in, practices, and chooses in decisions that are sometimes minor, sometimes of great importance.  No act in life, no word in life, does not include the Soul of the individual.

Today as I speak, I am fully aware that some will read What I have dictated and realize the closeness that man has to The Creator, but then there will be others who will find it easy to deny the Words, because in their thinking this could not happen.

Sometimes We hear an individual say, ‘I just can’t pray; I have to be in the mood to pray, and I’m at a point I don’t know what to say.’ Sometimes this is a plea for help, and Many of Us are available to help.

As I have spoken today in a deep Love for human life, I beseech those who will read My Words to think positively, and to think with hope, because human life has a Goal that nothing else has, and hope is the foundation, helping the will to more fully understand and to better comprehend that human life is close to The Creator, due to the Connecting Link man has through the Soul.  So be it.”

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