ON FEBRUARY 17, 1999 AT 1:24 PM


“I am Saint Elizabeth of Hungary.  The Gift of Divine Love in which so Many of Us have the privilege to speak, and Our Words put into script, is a Gift beyond what mankind can understand the Magnitude of, because mankind sees all things as acceptable, ordinary and natural.

Today as I speak, I speak in a language understandable to those who are writing My Words for others to read, to think about, and hopefully to recognize the value of each Statement for the benefit of his or her Soul.

Throughout the world, mankind in many ways accepts immorality as a natural way of life; impurities of the mind, the body, ordinary.  The world in many ways has ignored for a long time, The Commandments of The Father given to a man who had the courage, the mentality, to deliver These Words to multitudes of men, women and children in his time, in a language understandable to millions.  Those who did not understand his Words were granted the translation by those who cared, thus allowing All that was spoken to be heard, understood, and yes, seen as valuable.

Thousands and thousands and thousands of Words, through what mankind refers to as ‘Revelations’, have been delivered in appropriate ways, so the individuals putting Them into script could pass Them on to millions more.  It was The Father’s Will it be done accordingly.

Children at this time are not being instructed properly on the Importance of human life, because in human life there is a Soul, and this Soul is a Portion of The Creator of All Things.  Very few words are mentioned regarding this Gift of Divine Love.  So much humanism and relaxed values on important actions of human life seem to be acceptable, instead of rejected by those who are of the years to know better.

There is so little instruction on what human life has been endowed with, and of course, the Purpose for This Divine Love that each birth of human life is the recipient of.  We hear many loving remarks at a birth.  Never do We hear, ‘I can imagine the Soul is Beautiful, because It is a Portion of God that this infant has absorbed, is the custodian of, and will be responsible for.’ No mention of such a Gift.

Very little is thought about this Gift, even by the clergy who should be the ones to remind those involved, that This Portion of that life is a Gift of Divine Love, and must be remembered as such from that time on.  As soon as the infant appears to be understanding words, it should be clearly stated openly that: ‘There is a Soul, and That you must take care of, honey, because you belong to God, and He created you, giving to us this Great Gift of His Divine Love to share our life with you, for we, too, have a Soul, and we, too, must be ever mindful of the Soul that unites Itself with yours, and All are united to The One Who created each of us.’

These Statements to some, may sound a little out of context, but I promise you, the importance of Them nothing can replace, and no more love can be shown than to remind a child that the Soul, as a Portion of The Creator, is a Gift of Divine Grace.”

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