ON MARCH 7, 2000 AT 1:20 PM


There are Three of Them:  Saint Peregrine, Saint Gregory The Great, Saint Pius.

“Human life was created for a Special Purpose according to Divine Will.  The Father instilled in each human life, and still instills in each human life, a Portion of Himself, giving to human life a fuller understanding that there is a Creator, there is a Goal for life, there is a Reason for life, and that life is a Gift of Divine Love separate from all other living matter or things.

There are More than Three of Us present at this time.  It is important that each day be seen as a step toward Sainthood, a step of accomplishment, a step bringing one closer to a Higher Place in Heaven.  This thought never enters most human minds.  It is a rarity when some thought in this direction occurs.

If there was no goal in ordinary things that a human being is involved in, life would lack interest, so The Father has given to the world something special in human life, and that is the ability to seek success, to have hope, and most times, an innate interest in doing something special, different, causing the mind to feel enthusiastic and giving strength at the same time to what human life is all about.

So many Beautiful Informative Messages have been delivered through one small voice, not a natural occurrence, not something common to human life, but All Things spoken are obviously from a Higher Power, and Divine Love.  So Many Saints have spoken because The Father Wills mankind to know that there is a Heaven, there is a Goal to human life that no other matter or thing has the capability to arrive at.

Today as I speak, it is important that the young be taught about what life is all about, the Purpose for which it was created, and the Goal to be reached by everyone.  This Statement gives hope to every age.  This Statement gives strength to the mind of every age.  This strength is to give what nothing else can, and that is to use one’s intellect, personality, ability, to communicate for a Purpose, for a Goal.

As I speak, I speak not in a voice through this child in the world, but as We implant Our Words in her being, she is instructed to deliver Them accordingly.  All ages must remember the personal prayers, whether they are formal, or the thoughts of an individual, are important for Every One Here to hear.

As I leave you I bless you, for you see, This Gift of Divine Love is like a tree, for Every Message that is delivered from Where We are, it is another Branch of Divine Love, for someone or many to cling to, to learn from, to become a part of the Extension of Divine Love for the Soul that each human being is the custodian of.  So be it.”

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