ON AUGUST 14, 2001 AT 12:37 PM


“I am Saint Gregory the Great.  Many of Us smile each time this little one is approached to deliver What the Father Wills for human beings of all ages, all degrees of intellect, all backgrounds, to more fully understand what a Great Importance it is to be born as man.

There are many enemies throughout the world, all based on jealousy of This Gift of Divine Love that so much Direction, Information, Truth, and Divine Love is being obviously apparent in the Words, in the reason for the Words, and of course, in the topic of the Words.

The world has been Blessed abundantly, but there are so many doubters, so many sinners, so much jealousy, envy, interfering, interrupting what is necessary for All that has been given to be seen by millions of men, women and children, because of the Soul each one of them has, and the Soul is the recipient of everything an individual partakes in, believes in, and/or practices in daily actions, thoughts, words.

We hold the little one tightly, because of the Power that Each Word has, to deliver to her mind What The Father Wills for all of human life to understand the Importance of being a human being, no matter what part of the world you are born in, come from, or presently live in.

As These Words pass through, she is staring at Our Faces, and as Our Words flow through her, her words are given to Us, asking Us Our Names; of course, One by One, and then asking how to be able to pass All The Father Wills throughout the world, because of the Souls that are in great need of What is spoken.

We hold her more tightly, because her body is less strong than she appears on the surface.  She asked Me not to say that.  The Father blesses the little one and smiles.  She says, ‘Yes, now I can go on.’

I am Saint Rose of Lima.

There are so many innocent children, even innocent adults, who do not realize how Important human life is, and that it has a Goal, a Purpose, that nothing else has.

She stares at the Vision We are showing her.  There is a Light, and Many Saints are staring at the Light.  She innocently asks, ‘What is the Light?’ We All smile at this, for you see, the Light shines forth from The Holy Trinity.  It is a Light she has never seen before in this way.

Children are not being instructed properly that they have a Portion within them that is a Gift of The Divine, making human life different than all other living matter or thing.  Children are not being instructed on how they should end the day, remembering to thank The Father in a loving way for the privilege of the day.

Needless to say, We could speak hours without a stop, but the little body The Father uses many times is close to what other humans would call ‘ready to drop physically’, because of the Power that pours forth that is far greater than a human mind can fathom It to be.

All that has been delivered through this one voice is to spread throughout the world, even when rejection shows.  The Word from The Father is: ‘Be persistent in what you know is right to do for the Souls of millions of human beings that have no way, other than This, to understand that they were created by Divine Love, Blessed with a Portion of The Creator, and are expected to return to The Creator, the Soul, because the Soul belongs to The Creator.’

As I close My Words, I plead with you:  never let a day go by that you do not speak in some way to The Divine.  So be it.”

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