ON APRIL 30, 2002 AT 12:51 PM


There are Three of Them:  Saint Ignatius Loyola, Saint Robert Bellarmine, Saint Martin de Porres.

“Though only Three of Us are named, there are Many More Here with Us at this time, because The Father Wills All of Us to partake in This Miracle of The Divine.

The world has been Blessed in more ways than the human mind can fully understand, because The Father, in His Love for mankind, has addressed This Miracle of His Divine Love with so Many Saints with Him Above.

Today, as One of Us speaks, it is to remind those who are yet to come Here that their responsibility is daily, momentarily, and must be seen for the purity in it, thus ignoring anything that is impure in thought, in speech, in communication, and with others who do not understand that purity covers all facets of human life, and it must never be ignored in any of them.

We speak very firmly through this small voice, because Our Words must be scattered throughout the world.  All that has been delivered through This Gift of Divine Love must not be held in closed places, but must be available to every human being born.  Do not allow a language barrier to make you think or act that the language is of more importance because of the changes in understanding in language.  We will take care of that.  Spread All that has been delivered, even to those who reject It, because It will not be wasted, due to the fact that It could be meant for someone else to see, to read, and in many ways, We will take action in that.

This Gift of The Father’s Love was given to the whole world of human life, not just to a small segment of a particular language.  We oftentimes hear the little instrument say, ‘It is difficult, God, because they walk another way, and they reject What the Books say.’ The Father smiles at her sorrow, because all who handle the Books must remember:  Though you are the instruments to distribute All that has been spoken, We many times, most times, intercept and see to it that someone you would least suspect, would end up reading What was delivered.

All The Saints Here in the Heavens are ready to help This Gift of The Father’s Love spread throughout the world.

The Importance of the Souls of human life are never seen by human beings, even when they are instructed on what the Soul means, but today, as These Words are delivered, there is much hope that what has been prescribed to be, will be followed through quickly.”

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