ON DECEMBER 18, 2000 AT 1:26 PM


“I am Saint Joachim.

The Father, through This Gift of His Divine Love, has alerted all ages of human life to more fully understand what a Precious Gift it is to man.

Children are not being instructed on the many facets of life that will give strength to what they are all about, how they should behave, how their morals should be very important, because through morality, sound morality, they could become ‘Great Saints’.

Why is it difficult for so many people of all ages to find it difficult to speak about the Supernatural, to speak about life in a practical manner, and to make a definite point on the importance of morality over immorality; also, that they are the custodian of a Portion of The Creator, called ‘a Soul’?

Through This Gift, bearing the Name of The Beloved Holy Spirit, Saint Joseph, so much Instruction has been allowed to all ages of human life, all degrees of intellect, encouraging each one to realize and to value the Creation of human life, because it has a Goal Higher than any other thing possible to achieve.

So Many Saints Here in the Heavens oftentimes say to The Father, ‘May I speak?’ His Love for this Statement is beyond human understanding, but it is shown through His Patience, if He feels that the individual with whom the Saint wants to direct is not ready to hear what is to be told.

It is difficult for some to understand a Gift of This Dimension, basically handing to the world of human life, hope for a Future Higher than anything that can be attained in the human form.

As This Blessing has proceeded through time, All that has been put into script is meant to be a strengthening Factor to all who will follow in the human path.  It is sad to say, but sometimes it takes time for the Magnitude of Divine Love to penetrate.  All The Saints Here in the Heavens want so much for All that is given to be a strengthening to the minds, the wills, the intentions, the hopes for all who will read and see the importance of what the subject matter is telling them.

A Blessing of This Measure is more than the human mind can perceive, but with Faith in The Creator and hope for the Soul of each human being, there is the Promise of Sainthood that awaits for that time for the Soul to be seen.  So be it.”

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