ON DECEMBER 5, 2001 AT 12:55 PM


“I am Saint Irenaeus.

The Father, in His Great Love, Deep Concern for human life, has given This Gift, helping all ages, all degrees of intellect, all backgrounds of human life, to more fully understand, to more deeply comprehend, the importance of Spiritual understanding in the right text, content of its full measure.

We hear so many men, women and children say that they pray, but they do not get an answer.  Many times the answer is very obvious, but actually given in a deeper concept than the individual understood the value, the meaning, and the Divine Love that interceded and gave a Gift greater than the individual or individuals realized.

Many children pray a short prayer to pass a test that they personally knew that they did not have the knowledge, but the challenge had to be met.  Many adults pray for matters, situations, conditions, but they do not provide the amount of personal participation that it takes to accomplish what they will to accomplish; they feel prayer will do it for them.

My Words are different on this conversation, because as My Words are being put into script, I read the minds of those who write the Words, and then those who will read the Words at another time will have to look at the Words and judge the Words in the reality of the real meaning, the real perception, and of course, more fully understand the purpose for the Words to be spoken in a request manner.

I close My Words with you today, because it is important that men, women and children see the value of how they think, what they wish for, and how deeply their commitment can be to follow what is morally correct, morally pure for the Soul that they are the custodian of.

As I close My Words, I close Them with a deep Love for human life because, do not forget, I, too, took part in this life.”

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