ON FEBRUARY 22, 2002 AT 12:39 PM


“I am Saint Irenaeus.

There are multiple reasons for This Gift of The Father’s Love for all of mankind.  I smile when I say, ‘Saints from all different areas have been chosen to give the Words They are instructed to give, for the benefit of Souls from all backgrounds of life.’

Oftentimes, when a Particular Saint Here in the Heavens speaks, the very fact that the Saint is from a particular area in the world gives strength to someone, or even many who read the Words that the Saint delivers, and they feel a warmth, a closeness that sometimes is indescribable.

The world has been Blessed by The Father’s Love for His Creation, human life.  All that has been put into script thus far must be passed throughout the world, because It will give strength in areas, ways, that are too numerous to mention, because human beings need to know that Sainthood is a Reality and a Goal.

Children are not being instructed properly on the importance of how they live their life, and that their habits, their wills, must always do what is morally correct and pleasing to The Creator, plus pleasing to All The Saints, because Sainthood, in Its very existence, helps many individuals become stronger morally, mentally, physically, spiritually, many times even when They are not known by the individuals that They are personally helping and supporting their goodness, because logic says that the very State of Sainthood wants All Souls to become ‘Saints’.

The Father’s Will is Important, and men, women and children should innately know that human life has a Goal.  The Purpose for which human life was created was of Great Importance and is of Great Importance, because it is through The Father’s Will sharing What He Is, Who He Is, with the Souls that will be returned to Him, bearing the name of an individual who walked the human role.

So much could be spoken on this subject, but I close My Words with one thought for you:  There is no greater goal in life that you can reach than Sainthood, through your will, your love, in wanting to share the Beauty and the Presence of The Beloved Holy Trinity that awaits All Souls to be returned from Where They came.”

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