ON OCTOBER 19, 1999 AT 1:52 PM


“I am Saint Francis de Sales.

Many Saints enjoy individual conversations on their trust, their interest, their love for honoring The Saints, in honoring The Saints, believing in The Saints, trusting in The Saints.

Today as I speak through a voice such as all other voices are, I speak with a deep Love for human beings, because human life is a Gift of Divine Love, a Gift beyond what any individual can understand, because human life is gifted at the moment of conception with a Gift of Divine Love, called ‘the Soul’.

We hear people of all ages, all degrees of intellect, make a remark regarding another human being they are comfortable with, enjoy being with, and they refer to this individual as a ‘soul mate’.  Rarely does anyone ever realize what a compliment this is to the individual they are referring to.

Today as I speak Words through one small voice, it is a privilege for Me to be able to be Part of This Great Gift of Divine Love that The Beloved Saint Joseph is to be recognized through, for the benefit of millions of Souls that will one day be returned to The Father by way of the Soul that they were the custodian of all during their time on earth.

You do live in a time of many changes, many diversifications on sound values, sound beliefs, sound truths, and yes, formal performance in honoring The Heavenly Queen and All The Saints.  It is sad to know that so little is being instructed or even mentioned regarding that Portion of life, that Important Part of human life that no one sees, and yet It is evidenced by an inner understanding of what is morally right, pure, sound, reasonable, justified, and pleasing to The Heavenly Father.

As I leave you today, I bless each of you who are dedicated in taking the time to put into script All that is delivered, by request, because others have no way of learning what a Beautiful Gift human life is, unless they read about it and better understand that human life is a Gift of Divine Love to man.

The world is in many changes, morally, mentally, physically, spiritually, and that is why This Gift of Divine Love was Decreed to be at ‘this time’, because of the great need mankind has to fully understand that life as man has an Important Goal because of the Soul that each human being is the custodian of, protector of, and has the responsibility to return It to The Creator at a given time.  So be it.”

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