ON APRIL 13, 1999 AT 1:04 PM


“I am Saint Gregory The Great.  My Title is a privilege for Me, because in many ways, it is a Gift of Divine Love.

Today as I speak through a small voice, I beseech all of mankind of all ages, to be fully aware that human life has a Great Reason, a Great Purpose, a Great Goal.  So few men, women and children ever think of this being a Fact connected to them in their daily way of life, but nonetheless, it is true.

The Father has Decreed This Time to be, to help all races, all colors, all creeds of human life to realize, and more fully understand the Purpose for this creation of life as man.

Many individuals involved in great scientific discoveries are commended by all they do, all the success that they are a part of.  In the honor paid to them, it points them out in an admirable way, which is good.  It is necessary because it helps many men, women and children connect to human life advantages, and the ability to achieve goals that are important.

Today as I speak through a little one, she is a funnel of All The Father Wills for mankind to more fully understand the Importance of human life, the importance of the will that each human being is gifted with; also, the ability to understand that human life has a Goal beyond the one the birth gave, at a given time.

So few men, women and children ever even think that their life as an individual has a Purpose, a Reason, a Goal.  There is not enough instruction by so-called ‘learned men’ on this subject, because many times all the learning in the world, all the ability to have knowledge, eliminates what Part The Creator has in each human life, and the Purpose for each human life.

Mankind becomes so humanistic in evaluations on what human life is based on, created for.  Through This Gift of The Father’s, constantly giving to human life much Information, Direction, We find that it is difficult for many to see the Value in This Gift of Divine Love.  We oftentimes ask The Father to help those who hear, who read What has been spoken, to believe what a Precious Gift human life is, and that it has a Higher Being, a Higher Purpose than all other things created by Him.

As Each One of Us has the privilege to speak, it is with Great Love for The Father’s Will to be done, and that each one who will read What We have asked to be written, will find in the Words more meaning to everything they say, they do, they practice, and use as goals for their way of life.

It is sad when We see individuals use the Gift of human life in such a casual, indifferent, uncaring value.  It had a Great Purpose to be created, and it must be remembered for this by all men, women and children.  It is time for mankind to seek Facts, seek Truths, and read What The Father has allowed to be given at ‘this time’, because These Words must pass down through time as The Father Wills it to be.  So be it.”

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