ON NOVEMBER 5, 1999 AT 1:21 PM


“I am Saint Gregory The Great.

Holiness is not often seen, thought about, discussed, or understood in its full value, its true meaning, and reason for which it was spoken about regarding the way a human being acted, lived, and carried all responsibilities of human life.

Every day is important to every living human being for the physical, for the mental, and of course, for the Soul.  How many individual men, women and children open each day with a prayer, and a ‘Thank You’ to The Father for creating them in the human way?  This is a rare thing in the daily life of human life.  So many activities, ambitions, practices, obligations, take precedence over what should be a normal thought, a normal moment of thanking The Creator for allowing one to be born, because human life is the only life that has a Goal Superior to all other living things.

As I speak through one voice, I sincerely hope that My Words and the Words of All Who have spoken through This Gift of The Father’s Love be cast out into the world, scattered, leaving no one out to learn about This Gift of The Father’s Love.

We hear some say, ‘Why is It called “a Miracle”?’ For one voice, one mind to be able to repeat All that is delivered, says only a Miracle Of Divine Love Could Be In Charge Of This Gift.

Children are not being instructed on what is pure of thought, word, deed, action.  They are not being instructed on sound moral values, sound moral standards, constantly eliminating purity of the mind and the body.  So much impurity is being practiced by all ages, thus ignoring that each human life has a responsibility for the Soul they are the custodian of.

We hear some say: ‘I have never seen a Soul.  How do I know It exists?’ Perhaps My next Words will help you:  Do you have a conscience?  Do you know right from wrong?  Could you create the earth?  Could you have the power to hold the waters back?  I could go on and on and on.

Human life was created for many Reasons, and the Main Reason was because of the Soul that is instilled at the moment of conception, in only human life.  The Soul is the Connecting Link between The Divine and the human existence.  The Soul is the recipient of all an individual does, many times victimized by the individual’s causing It to be a victim of disgrace, belittling It in many ways.

As children in a family are instructed to be moral and never lie, it is for many reasons; first, for the condition of their Soul, then because immorality, lies, can cause a disgrace beyond what can be repaired in many ways, for many reasons, due to the fact that impurities of the mind and the body leave scars, many times irreplaceable with what is pure, clean, clear, and put back into place in a form, manner, way, degree of purity.

It is sad to hear so much desecration to the body and to the mentalities that were destined to do so many good things, and were destined to be example of purity, because of the Soul or Souls that they would be in contact with.

As I speak to you today, I say: ‘It does not take great wisdom to understand what is correct to do, to follow, to practice, to be example of.  The intellect you have been gifted with is sufficient.  Remember this.’  So be it.”

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