ON APRIL 18, 2002 AT 12:47 PM


“I am Saint Gregory The Great.

Sound Spiritual understanding, belief in a Divine Creator of All Things has become almost obsolete, due to the fact that human life in all degrees of mentalities, ignore the validity, the reality of a Divine Power, Divine Guidance, Divine Reality.

Spirituality has become more of a factor of human understanding of logic, according to the humanistic values that men, women and children are acquainted with, and practice in their daily way of life.

The Importance of Divine Will, Divine Existence, is oftentimes passed over when an issue on humanistic involvement or so-called ‘important actions’ are put forth to draw attention to what a human being can accomplish, can be a part of, or can conquer with their own mentality, with their own values.

I speak differently on this day, because throughout the world there is so much confusion on the Importance of the Creation of human life, and What The Father instilled in it regarding the Goal intended for human life to one day achieve because of human life.

Children are not being instructed on the importance of how they act, think.  So much is being passed over, rather than taking the time to use simple words of instruction that give strength to the Purpose for which life was created, and the Goal for which it was created, for That Portion of human life to be returned to The Creator, a Saint.

I could speak hours on this subject.  There is so much for human beings of all ages to more fully understand, that they are the possessor of the Goal The Father wants them to reach, and that is for the Soul they are born with, that is to be returned to The Creator, a Saint.

We hear so many say, ‘If I cannot see It, if I cannot feel It, it takes then only my belief that I have It, and I do not know if my belief is strong enough to see me through the full understanding that I am the custodian of a Portion of The Creator that is to be returned to Him Pure in every way, and reach the Goal as a Saint.’

The world has been Blessed with a Gift of Words, explaining more indepthly how Important human life is, and how it can reach the Goal it was created for, just by practicing simple steps.

As I close My Words, I pray that all who read Them will more fully understand that the Gift of human life is a Gift from Divine Plan.  Hopefully, These Words will help all types of human beings, all degrees of intellect, to be happy they were born man.”

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