ON OCTOBER 29, 1972 AT 1:52 PM


“From this day forward, when you do not feel good, even if it is a minor thing, offer it up to God in reparation for those who sin much; for the Poor Souls in Purgatory — never forget Them.

And I, Saint Alphonsus Liguori, say through this child today: ‘Men must begin to know the beauty of the physical way.  It can be complete service, it can be total love, it can be the beginning to Sainthood a very small way.’ Men must begin to know that the physical was given to each for very special reasons.  Do not pity yourselves, My little ones, for when you do, you waste time, and in this waste of time you could be doing much for God and for mankind.

Be totally in love with God, and those of you who have chosen the marriage state, love your spouse next.  Put God first, then the children, then your family and friends, then mankind, and then yourself, for as you place yourself last, you gain more Grace which, in another way, puts you first in God’s Place.

Do not ask for worldly acclaim; no man has the power to secure it for you.  Do not ask that others see you only in a great way; there is emptiness in it.  But stand totally in the Truth for God.

Be blessed by the physical way, stand up for truth, stand up for justice and fight heresy in your day.  You are surrounded by it and some of you partake in it.  It is a foolish way, it is lost, for you see, satan cannot win; he is not greater than The Father.  Be wise, My children, face truth, cast out sin, obey the Ten Commandments, and God will show you His Hand.

I, Saint Alphonsus, say, ‘Whether you believe I speak to you today or not, you must ask for the Faith to understand that the Words of Wisdom were not man’s.’  So be it.”

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