ON JUNE 16, 1998 AT 1:49 PM


“I am Saint Ignatius Loyola.  So many times We are requested to speak on subject matter that is familiar in the manner of life mankind is aware of in daily living.

Today as I speak through a small voice, I speak to allow mankind to know that so many Lessons are instructed indepthly, through This Miracle, that sounds so natural as conversation, because in this format of speaking, it is easy for mankind to listen and to be able to associate subject matter to his or her daily life.

The Reason so much is instructed through This Gift of The Father’s Love, not always mentioning One of Our Names, is because it is easier to listen to a human voice, and it is more understanding in What is spoken, because those who are present are not distracted by remembering Who a Saint is, when a Saint is announced to be a Presenter of an Important Message.

There are millions of children throughout the world who need to learn about This Gift of The Father’s Love to all of mankind, all races, all creeds, all degrees of intelligence, all types of backgrounds.  Do not refuse the requests of so many, who are in so many ways pleading to more fully understand This Gift of The Father’s Love for man.

At this time in which you live, it is a Time of Great Generosity directed by The Creator of All Things, because there is no human intellect who has the capability of instructing so indepthly, so clearly, the Importance of human life, the advantages of human life, and of course, the Goal for which human life was created.

So many times We speak through this child The Father has Decreed to be the sound for the Words to be heard, to be written, and through these means, to be understood as coming from Him because of the Content, the Importance, the Value, and the Goal that All of These Words stress in a strong formula of delivery, because without This Gift of Divine Love, mankind relies on human interpretation of the Words from a long time ago.

The world has been Blessed, and through This Blessing, Souls of millions of individuals will be returned to The Father; Who, without These Words will be cast aside, perhaps even wandering, due to the fact that the individual in whom They were placed at the moment of conception, will be the instrument that will be a Gift of Divine Love that The Father uses when such a time is needed, because of the Souls that are not receiving the correct attention.

Volumes of words can be meaningless if the subject matter is not clearly stated.

Today I have stated openly, verbally, the importance of every individual’s part in the human way that is the custodian of a Soul, and that this Soul is the Connecting Link between that individual, and all who come in contact with the individual who bears that one Soul Who is the Dispenser of Important Grace, Information, Understanding, and Divine Love.  So be it.”

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