ON JUNE 6, 2000 AT 12:56 PM


“I am Saint Irenaeus.  I have spoken many times through This Gift of The Father’s Love for human life.

As All of Us Saints Here in the Heavens are aware of the importance of how human life responds, reacts, to many subjects, Each of Us, in Our Love for the Beauty of Sainthood, want only each human being to understand that the Goal for life should be Sainthood.

This subject is difficult for some to believe or to comprehend, but the very fact that, in the human way, it is innate to strive for goals or greater achievement on many subjects, many actions, for many reasons.

I am about to speak some sad Words but They are necessary, and My Hope in These Words is that you will participate in a personal way regarding What I am about to say.  Children of all ages are not being instructed properly on the Purpose for which human life was created.  There is so much emphasis on humanistic pleasures, humanistic success, humanistic endeavors, humanistic goals, that little is spoken about the Importance of What each human being is the custodian of, a Portion of The Creator, called ‘a Soul’.

We hear so much light talk, so much on subjects regarding the terminology, ‘We are soul mates.’ It automatically refers to the fact that two individuals or more, think alike, act alike, or feel the same goals on different subjects, matters, conditions, or views.

As you have probably noticed in This Gift of The Father’s Love bearing the Name of The Beloved Holy Spirit, that each time a subject is revealed and requested to be put into script, it encourages those who will read It to begin to think a little differently, more importantly, and grow stronger in their understanding about human life, its Creation, its Purpose, its Goal.

If Each of Us Here in the Heavens were to speak to the fullest degree We would be capable of, We are capable of, it would be impossible for anyone, any machine to transcribe All We would say.  First of all, the speed in which We could talk; secondly, the subject matter would be so extensive that there would not be enough time in a man, a woman or a child’s life to be able to read It all or comprehend It all, in the human mind.

This Blessing The Father has given to the world is so logical, and so beyond what the human mind thinks about daily, because the subject matter, though it has many points to be thought about, it is always guided to one important subject, and that is, that human life was created to return to The Father, a Saint.

Granted, the body will not be there because the body is human and vulnerable, but the Soul, as a Living Portion of The Creator, is to be returned to Him representing the one in whom It was placed at the moment of his or her conception.  No Greater Gift of Divine Love could be handed so generously, lovingly, purposely, because through the Soul, each human being has the privilege of returning to The Father for All Eternity.

Please, I beseech you, remember These Words, especially if you are approached to make a decision on how you will accept a pure act over an impure act, a just act over an unjust act because, do not forget, your Soul is the recipient of all you do.  So be it.”

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