ON OCTOBER 13, 2000 AT 1:36 PM


“I am Saint Irenaeus.

When The Father gave to the world a Precious Gift of His Divine Love, He gave This Gift because of the Importance of human life.  This Gift beholds the Name of The Beloved Saint Joseph, The Holy Spirit.  So many, in hearing the Fact that He is The Holy Spirit, find it difficult, because as they learned about Him, they learned only the Name of the human side, ‘Joseph’.

Today as I speak, I speak with deep Love for human life, much concern, because with all of the intellectual advancements, men, women and children are oftentimes besieged by doubts, indifferences, thus giving them a lack of sincere understanding of the Importance of human life.  So much is blamed on the need for humor, the need to be like everyone else, to not be different, because it will cause criticism, to be different.  What about truth, facts, logic?

Human life was born for a Special Reason, a Special Goal, and within human life, it was presented a Soul at the moment of conception.  Some might say, ‘What purpose is a Soul if you cannot see It, cannot feel It?’ Logic says, the Soul, as a Portion of The Creator, instilled into the conception an intellect, understanding, the ability to not just sense the Importance of human life, but to be able to deal with human life being Special, Important, having a Purpose, and the Soul giving it a Goal to return to The Father for All Eternity.

It is sad to hear doubters, because doubt oftentimes destroys logic and sound reality in a purpose, a reason, that something has taken place, or can take place, if the individual will but see the value of it.

Human life has been gifted with a Goal because it has a Soul, else there would be no reason for human life to have sound logic, and the ability to understand a pure act over an impure act.

Today is an important day for every living human being, because it has given time to alert the mind to the Importance of being alive, having an intellect, and the ability to use one’s intentions, one’s concerns, one’s knowledge of what is right, protective logically, naturally, for the body and for an Inner Source that is inexplainable.

As I leave you, I leave you with much Love, because The Father has given to the world so much at this time, for human beings of all dimensions of mentality to see, to feel, and to better understand that human life has a Purpose and definitely a Goal.  My Love for you says: ‘Look to The Commandments, obey The Commandments, and remember that your Soul depends upon everything you do, you say, you think, you promote, you encourage, you follow, you are example of.’

As I leave you, I cannot tell you the deep concern I have for the millions of individual men, women and children who have the right to know about This Gift of The Father’s Love, also the need to read All that has been given.  Let nothing stop you from sharing What has been given to you to use to help others return to Heaven.  So be it.”

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