ON MARCH 23, 2001 AT 1:00 PM


“I am Saint Irenaeus.

So little thought is being seen on the Importance of the Creation called ‘human being’.  Scientists many times work diligently on research, using terms, terminology, ethics, and conduct on being more better able to distinguish what is practical, necessary to aid human beings, human life, separating it from, in many ways, many areas, from that of an animal.  Some even try to say that what is good for a human being is good for certain animals.  Animals do not have Souls.  Animals do not have what human beings have, and that is the knowledge to know the difference between human life and animal life.

I say all these things, because it is necessary for human life to more fully understand the Creation of human life has a Special Plan, due to the fact that it is gifted with a Portion of The Creator at the moment of conception, called ‘the Soul’.

In the first Creations of human life, human beings did not fully understand there was much learning to be accomplished regarding the nature of man, and that it eventually was to have different traits, abilities, and goals.

Today, throughout the world, with All that has been instructed on the Importance of human life, there is a lack of respect for This Gift The Father gave a long time ago.

So many times men, women and children ignore the privilege of human life and behave animalistic in nature, in will, and how they express what they feel emotionally and other ways.

At the time This Gift of The Father’s Love, through The Beloved Saint Joseph, was presented to the world, It had a Great Purpose, Goal, because It was to enlighten the whole world of human life about the Importance of human life, plus the fact that human life was the custodian of a Soul, a Portion of The Creator, thus making human life see the value of dignity, and more understanding of the necessity to use human life with dignity, thanksgiving for it being gifted with the Ultimate Purpose for a Goal.

So Many Saints Here in the Heavens desire to speak more on this subject in an in-depth manner, helping men, women and children to recognize that the Purpose for their existence has a Goal:  the Soul is to be returned to The Creator, because It is a Portion of The Creator.  In some ways It could be called, for the privilege of being human, there is a debt to be paid for the Goal to be reached as The Father Wills It to be, because in the Creation of human life, it was immediately recognized that human life was different.  Even in the first Creations when mankind did not have knowledge, there were innate sensitivities that spoke openly to the individuals that they were different than any other living matter or thing.

As this Message is different that I speak today, it is to enlighten men, women and children to the privilege of what human life is to them, and they are gifted with a Portion of The Creator that nothing else has.  Hopefully, All I have spoken will be seen for the Worth and the Divine Love that is expressed in Every Word, because you do live in a time worse than all the immoral times in the History of human life.  What is not seen on the surface is practiced in a hidden form, manner, way, dismissing the Importance of human life and the Goal for which it was created.

Needless to say, I have only touched on this subject.  Perhaps The Father will Will it to be spoken more extensively on another day.  So be it.”

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