ON DECEMBER 15, 2000 AT 12:52 PM


There are Several of Them.

“I am Saint Robert Bellarmine.  I am Saint Charles Borromeo.  I am Saint Lucy.  I am Saint Peregrine.  I am Saint John of The Cross, and there are Many, Many More present.

When The Father, The Creator of All Things, set a date for a Miracle of Instruction to be given to the world of human life, Many of Us Saints were in man’s terms ‘elated’, because of the Love The Father showed to allow such a Gift to human beings, human life, at the Time He chose It to be accomplished.

As He chose one voice to repeat the Words of All Who were to speak, He chose a soft voice, not a harsh- sounding voice.  We oftentimes say to The Father, ‘The little one is quite tired at this time,’ and He smiles at Us and says, ‘The tiredness will be released when the Words are to be spoken or put into script, because I Will Them to be.’

The world must receive All that has been delivered through this one small voice, thus proving to mankind of all degrees of intellect, all degrees of Spiritual understanding, that Faith in The Father’s Will, obedience to His Will, is more beneficial than what a human direction could accomplish.

That is why there have been so Many Saints Here speaking with Words of Direction, Some consoling, and yet Words to instill in an in-depth manner, the reason and purpose for human life to fully understand that it was created for a Goal beyond what human life can comprehend.

As it is innate for men, women and children to want to be successful, want to know about many things, This Gift of Divine Love is a Gift beyond what any book or story could reveal, because the Importance of This Gift is to instruct all who will read, all who will retain the Purpose for This Gift, the Goal, will more fully understand what a Precious Gift human life is to man; and as each day passes, it is important that What passes through This Miracle is seen for the Beauty, The Divine Love It is, to help the mentality of human beings, the sensitivities of human beings, to more fully understand that morality has a definite part in The Father’s Plan, and that it is important to understand that sin only appeases the enemy, and hurts the Soul that is a Portion of The Creator, because The Creator is Above All Things, and in a Realm Higher than a human being could ever understand.

Today is a day in which those who take the Words in script should follow through, and use every energy possible in their Faith, in Truth, to spread All that has been given, because there is no other place in the world so much Divine Love has been written.

There are Many standing Here with Me, and We All want the little one to know the work must never cease, until The Father Decides It So.  So be it.”

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