ON AUGUST 26, 1998 AT 1:03 PM


“I am Saint Josaphat.  My Name is not as well-known as Many Other Saints, but My Love for mankind is deep in concern, hope, because mankind is not learning the importance of his or her advantages in how they walk, speak, and are example to everyone they meet.

Example is an important part of human life, because through it many other lives are touched on what is important, what is truth, what is false, what is honest, what is valuable, what is pure, what is impure.  The relationship that mankind ignores is sad in many ways, because actions, speech, habits, play an important part on the lives of others, when they encounter so many aspects of behavior in another man, woman or child’s actions.

Today as I speak, I speak with a Love for mankind that mankind perhaps will not realize the full impact of, because mankind is used to reading and absorbing what he or she gathers is important from what is written.  Very often important statements are passed over, ignoring what an impact the statements could have on an individual’s course of life, manner of using prayer as a communication, or as a safety measure in times of need.

Mankind is not learning how to become ‘a Saint’, and oftentimes ignore What passes through This Gift of The Father’s that not only encourages men, women and children to fully understand that human life is more than a body, a mentality, or emotions or sensitivities, human life is the custodian of a Portion of The Creator that no living human being does not have.  This Union of Life called ‘a Soul’, is present at the moment of conception of human life, and is That Portion of human life that is returned to The Father at a given time.

We hear men, women and children speak joyfully over progress, sometimes in the workplace, sometimes socially, sometimes monetarily, and of course, several other ways, but We rarely hear an individual of any age put much emphasis on striving to become ‘a Saint’.  Oh, they read about Them, and very often pray to Them, but it is sad for Me to say they do not associate becoming One, because they are so bound to what is humanistic, what is materially of great value.

The Greatest Gift a human being can give to oneself is to become ‘a Saint’.  There is nothing more important, and no Greater Gift, only the Gift of returning to The Father that Soul that walks every moment of every day, whether man is sleeping, talking, walking, reading, learning, or practicing any activity available.

Mankind was designed to spend Eternity with The Creator of All Things.  Let These Words be Words spread throughout the world, because there are millions upon millions upon millions, and even more, individual human lives that have no concept of what a great opportunity human life has that nothing else created has.  So be it.”

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