ON OCTOBER 14, 1999 AT 1:12 PM


“I am Saint Josaphat.

There is a great sadness amongst All The Saints, because so few prayers are being directed for Their aid, Their help.  It is important that human beings begin to understand the Importance of Sainthood, and the Purpose for which Saints are recognized.

Today as I speak, there are Many Here with Me requesting The Father to encourage more men, women and children to be aware of the Goal of human life.  Throughout the world there are so many who do not believe in the Beauty of the Goal for the Soul.  There is so much emphasis on humanistic values, evaluations, purpose, that many men, women and children are ignoring what a Great Gift human life is, because it is the only living thing that has such a Goal to reach.

True, it is important that The Father gave many things to the world, animals of many kinds, dimensions, reasons, but the only living creation that has the Goal of Sainthood is human life, because human life, in its design, has many abilities, many purposes, many Gifts, many talents, and in using all of these things, human life instinctively feels that there is a Goal to reach, to work for, and to seek.

Some say, ‘Why would human life know this?’ The answer is easy.  Even a child of very few years shows an innate desire to be praised, and to gather more things, whether they be material things, or just praise from a parent or an elder.

Human life is a Blessing to those who have been given this Gift, and it is sad to hear so much sadness, rejection, misinterpretation, and a lack of understanding that human life is but the channel to live with God Forever.

The Soul is never thought about, because It cannot be seen.  Rarely does an individual think of his or her Soul when they are about to make a decision regarding purity over impurity, right over wrong, love over hate.

When The Father requests One of Us to speak through This Gift of His Divine Love, Many of Us stand by and listen to the Words that are spoken, Each of Us with a Hope and a Desire that some, hopefully many, will recognize the Words as the Greatest Direction ever given.

Human life has many advantages, and in each human life The Father has instilled many beautiful talents, much understanding, and always the ability to hope.  Negativism is a sadness, because in it, it ignores what is right, what is good, what is important, what is just.

As I leave you today, I first thank The Father for allowing Me to speak, and then I ask Him to give you the strength to remember ‘Sainthood’ as your Goal.  So be it.”

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