ON JANUARY 28, 2000 AT 1:43 PM


“I am Saint Josaphat.

The Father has given to mankind a Gift of His Divine Love to support all of the nature of human life, and the Gifts of knowledge in human life, plus a fuller understanding of the True Existence of His Being.

The world has been Blessed through one small voice that All in The Heavens use to explain to men, women and children of all ages about the Gift of Divine Love that no human life is without.

We hear some say, ‘I know there is a God and I know no one sees Him, but I also wonder why so many wicked things that He is allowing throughout the world, He does not stop, because He has the Power to do so.’

This statement can be covered by just a few words.  The Greatest Gift to human life is an individual’s free will.  Oftentimes when there is punishment by others who feel they want to control, they immediately remove the free will, and thus put an individual in bondage mentally, morally, physically, spiritually, leaving an individual hopeless on all facets of life.

The Father, in the Design of human life, instilled many things:  the ability to learn, the ability to understand, the ability to make decisions, the ability to choose purity over impurity, right over wrong, good over evil, logic over what would be illogical, sensitivity over insensitivity, love over hate.  This list is endless, and it would take pages to write, because in the Design of human life much more was instilled than mankind ever rationalizes; the Gifts of Divine Love in each life, all different perhaps in practice, but basically instilled.  Sometimes one individual has the ability to express what is termed ‘high intellectual’ facts, figures; another individual expresses sensitivity, logic, hope; of course, this list is endless.

There are so many Attributes of Divine Love, because The Father, in His Design of human life, allows human life to use all the Gifts of human life, because as a Saint, the Saint is capable of helping in all facets, an individual who prays for help, because in many ways, the Saint passed through the gates of experimentation, and of course, having had to use so many facets of life when he or she walked the earth as man.

As I bless you I say, ‘Be aware of all the Gifts you are the custodian of.  Share them, allow them to spread into others’ lives, because as you distribute Gifts such as These are, you are earning Graces that nothing else can give you.’ Human life is Important.  It is a Gift of Divine Love.  Use it well, use it to its fullest, and at one time when you stand before The Father, He will then tell you how pleased He is that you used all you were able to, because of the Souls that were involved.

Do not forget, no human life does not have a Portion of The Creator in them.  You are responsible to recognize this, and to be aware that what you say, how you act, causes another individual to respond morally, but also your nature, your personality, your ideas, your ideals, should be equal to the task.  So be it.”

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