ON JULY 12, 2000 AT 1:27 PM


“I am Saint Josaphat.

The Father gave so many Gifts to human life.  He gave the ability to think, to learn, to have talents, and to be able to act in many ways favorable to their way of life, their physical abilities, their conscience, and of course, their mentality.

Physical action is important.  It gives help to all portions of the body, because in the physical actions there are many senses used, many talents used, giving to the human mind greater advantages than any other living matter has.

Today as I speak, I speak with a deep Love for human life, because in it The Father instilled a Portion of Himself.  Without this Portion of Him, human life would be like all other living matter and thing; absent, of course, are the ability to use the mind in so many ways, and the ability to protect one’s body from adversities, from problems, from abuses, and/or things.

It is difficult sometimes for men, women and children to fully understand that through all the advantages in human life there is basically a Divine Plan.  The Goal for human life is unlike all other things, but it is sad when We see or hear individuals rarely thinking that their life has an Important Goal.

So much emphasis is put on the physical capabilities, realizing also that the physical has limitations, thus ignoring that in human life there is a Portion of The Creator that is a Specific, Special Important Gift of Divine Love, called ‘the Soul’.

As the mind is the recipient of what one learns, the Soul is the recipient of all this, and also, what the individual practices morally, immorally, physically, mentally, because the Soul, though unseen, is a Portion of The Creator, and it is the Soul that makes human life different than all other living matter or things.  So much emphasis is put on mentality, experiences, and one’s own abilities, thus many times ignoring that human life was created with the ability of reasoning, logic, and an innate understanding that human life has a Goal.

It is sad sometimes to see, through so many individuals, great emphasis put on reaching humanistic goals, thus ignoring the Goal for the Soul that they were gifted with at the moment of their conception.  We hear them say, ‘I cannot see my Soul.’ Logic says, innately the human mind knows that human life has many Gifts, many abilities, many mental understandings that no other living matter or thing has been gifted with.

Today as I speak, I speak with deep Love for human beings, all ages, all creeds, all degrees of mental abilities, because in the mentality there is a conscience, and the conscience must be respected, because the conscience is oftentimes what will give the strength to an individual to choose a pure act over an impure act, a good act over a bad act.

Human life has a Goal for That Portion of it called ‘the Soul’.  No human is born without It, and through the Soul human life will be Judged, because the Soul is the recipient of every human life’s manner of living, actions in living, purity in every thought, word, deed.

As I leave you, I beseech you to remember These Words, because there is no place throughout the world that so much Instruction is being delivered on the Basic Facts, Truths, Abilities, Conscience, and/or Reason for which human life was created.

You are Blessed by These Words, and All that have been given before this time through One from Here, because you see, The Father’s Love for human life is a Love beyond care, a Love beyond what a human mind knows love to be, because there is no comparison to ‘Divine Care’.  So be it.”

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