ON JUNE 27, 2002 AT 12:58 PM


“I am Saint Josaphat.

The Father, in His Love for this Creation of His, human life, not only designed what human life would look like, but what it would be responsible for, because of the Gifts it was given, such as the ability to use a mentality different than all other living matter or thing, because the mentality was designed to be able to absorb, to understand, and to fully comprehend, not just being man, but having other faculties to use, to learn about hundreds or even thousands of other things created, giving to human life abilities to partake in, for understanding of all the other things The Father created to give human life strength, but also opportunities to fulfill what human life was created for.

Without the Gifts, human life would be like the stem of a bush, but in The Father’s Love for this Creation of His, He gave the ability to learn, to remember, and to be able to use many subjects, so that the mentality would give to an individual more understanding of being close to The Creator of All Things.

This Statement may seem difficult for some to understand, but as The Creator had so much to share, He gave to human life a Portion of It, helping human life to better understand more about Him, and that He was in Command.  I could speak hours on this subject, because in the Creation of human life there was Divine Plan.

As I close My Words, I hope all who read Them will feel the Love in the Creation of human life that is obviously, was obviously, only able to be given by The Creator, because no human mind would be capable of doing All The Creator is about, is able to accomplish.

I add one more Note:  The Goal for human life is oftentimes ignored by man, but it should be instructed in every way possible, because within each human being there is a Portion of The Creator called ‘the Soul’, and He Willed It to be returned to Him in Purity.”

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