ON FEBRUARY 7, 2001 AT 12:52 PM


“The Father has chosen one small body and a small voice to give to the world millions of Words that contain Construction in Many Forms, Many Ways, for Ultimate Reasons.

Human life strives to be successful.  Much initiative is used to help them succeed in areas that they are drawn to, or that are fulfilling to them monetarily, or many times in the way of popularity.

Today as I speak, there are Several Saints surrounding Me, and Each One smiles at the dedication shown by so many who are with this little one that is used to deliver the Words The Father Wills men, women and children to read, to learn from, and to see the Value for which human life was created, based on the Goal for which human life was created.

As I speak, there are millions of human beings throughout the world asking for help on some issue, for some purpose, some need.  Some feel they will be answered.  The Faith of others is oftentimes weak, but The Father allows so many prayers to be answered, if what the individual is praying for will be beneficial to the Soul.

Greed has no place here; selfishness should never be part of it.  Egotism is not good when it abuses, in many ways, the individual’s purpose for what they pray for, how they feel.

Millions of Words could be spoken continuously through each day, giving to the world of human life the Importance of the Creation of human life and the Gift that The Father instilled, the knowledge of knowing what is pure over what is impure in thought, words, deed, actions; what is beneficial spiritually, and what a lack of spirituality is:  detrimental in so many ways.

We hear some say, ‘I do not believe in a God, but I assume that there is some kind of Force, Source, that does control things.’ This is always a sad statement to hear.

As I speak These Words openly, it is My Wish that These Words reach many who do have the faults in their nature, their conduct, that are demeaning to their Soul, and also cause the Soul pain, agony.

As I close My Words, I know What I have spoken may be difficult for some to want to read, but I beseech you, read Them, and see the Value in Them for the benefit of your Soul, because your Soul is What you lean upon to aid you, comfort you, and help you in more ways than you will ever know.  So be it.”

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