ON NOVEMBER 26, 2001 AT 12:48 PM


“This Gift of Divine Love The Father has given to the world of human life at this time, is a Gift beyond anything that a human life could do on his or her own, because so Many Here in the Heavens speak in a manner and way, mainly for the good of millions of Souls.

The word ‘Soul’ to a human being, many times just means Something they are told they possess, but It cannot be seen.  Of course, they are also told that the Soul is That Portion of The Creator that is to be returned to Him in Purity, Honor, Dignity, and Love.  Human life should find this easy to understand, but many who think about It, hear the Words, use excuses, or I should say find a way to see difficulty in a Statement of This Greatness, This Divine Love.

There are millions of all ages of human beings throughout the world who see only humanism as the means of life, the way of life, and the only understanding they have of being born a human being.

The world has been Blessed for a very long time, beginning with the History that has been put into script regarding that even The Son of The Creator was an Important Gift of Divine Love, so that all human life would be able to associate with That Portion of The Creator that took upon Itself the form of human life, thus helping human life after that, to more fully understand that if The Creator would put a Portion of Himself in the human form, suffer, and die, for human life to understand that human life has many facets to it, through the minds of all who are born.  The very Crucifixion of The Son of The Creator of All Things is evidence that human beings must understand to be a Gift of Divine Love for them, to more fully comprehend that human life can be evil when it should be pure, and act ignorant when they should be kind, understanding.

I will not speak long on this subject, but it is important that All that has been delivered through This Gift of Divine Love reach all areas of human life, all languages, all degrees of understanding, that human life was born to one day return a Portion of it to The Creator of All Things.

Ask yourself a very simple question.  This should help you better understand how, in a simple way, The Father instructs The Divine to man.  Do you not in some form, some way, allow certain things to occur that will have an impact on others to learn from, and to be able to be stronger in an important area, giving them hope, satisfaction, even love?  You can compare this to the Birth of The Son of The Creator, to the Crucifixion of This Son, and then the knowledge that The Son was returned to Him from Where He had come.  So be it.”

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