ON OCTOBER 23, 2001 AT 12:55 PM


“I am Saint Lawrence.  As I speak to you through a voice you know, I want My Message to be delivered throughout the world.

There are so many diabolical actions, ideas, theories professed as being part of the time in which human life now lives.  Sad to say, there are millions of individuals of all ages who openly take these words as facts, as truths but, in reality, do not understand the full meaning of these words, because they do not entertain the idea that these words could be expressed on many immoral acts that are not identified in the proper way, manner, degree, fullness.

Children are not being instructed in the proper way.  There are two words used that are thought to be the two words children would understand: ‘Is that the truth?’ or ‘Did you lie to me?’ The receiver of these words can easily misunderstand how many facets of truths there are, and how many lies can appear as truths.  It all is determined by how they are structured, what leads into them, and how they end in concept.

It is sad for Me to say, but the full degree of The Commandments that were given to Moses are rarely, if ever, delivered in Their proper form, Their full meaning, or full purpose for which They were given at a time when it was important to know Facts that pertained to the main subject of each Commandment.

I could take one Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor.  Ask yourself:  How many subjects could this cover, this one Commandment alone?

Now: Thou Shalt Not Kill.  Most individuals feel that it means the killing of the body, the physical force, portion.  How many areas of a human life can be killed by not just a weapon, but by lies, untruths, and so many other means, but none of this is looked upon, because it is easier to just say the short version, and accept it to the degree one feels it covers all things.

Children are the last to be taught regarding the importance of how they think, how they should think mentally, physically, morally, in regard to their association with other human beings.  So much is left to an individual child’s perception, ignoring totally that a child is limited in how they can perceive the meaning of so many things.  Even some adults are limited in how they feel inwardly regarding what is proper, what is improper, what is moral, what is immoral, what is just, what is unjust, what is truth, what is untruth.

When The Father gave to the world This Gift of Divine Love, bearing the Name of The Beloved Saint Joseph, He meant for It to be a Miracle of Instruction to the degree, and in the degree, feasible for all human minds, all ages, to be able to perceive, to understand, to value, and to look indepthly into the Importance of being a human being, and that it had a Purpose, and it was not created just as a human creation, but it was gifted with a mentality of understanding thousands of things, and also, an innate ability to associate with all types of human beings, all generations, all temperaments.  The Father did not just create a body, but gave this body more purpose, more reality of understanding, than anything else He created.

I will leave you now, because it is important for Me not to go on and on more indepthly, for each one who reads These Words should look at Them to the degree, in the degree of the genuine purpose for These Words, and the Love of The Creator in These Words, because of every Soul that is a Portion of every human being will more fully understand the Purpose, the Importance, the Love, the Hope in Divine Plan.”

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