ON JULY 30, 2002 AT 12:51 PM


“I am Saint Malachi Martin.  All there is about Me is not fully known.

The Father, in His Will and His Love, has given to Me openly, an understanding of the importance that all of human life truly realize, truly understand, and truly follow All that The Father Wills, because of the Souls that are present in human life.

Human beings should under-stand that as they reach for success upon the earth, and in everything they do, there is a Higher Goal for human life, and that is for That Portion of them called ‘the Soul’.

I will not talk long on this subject, but I assure you, the privilege I have just been allowed is one alone.

As I close My Words, I beseech those who write Them, who will read Them, to keep on instilling in others the Importance of having been born, because the Goal for human life is difficult to describe to those who are yet alive, but the Souls that are left, not behind, but are the recipients of all that an individual partakes in during human life.

Many Blessings have been delivered through This Gift of The Father’s Love, and there are many, perhaps even millions of more Blessings, because those who will read All the script, All that has thus far been delivered, should help them understand there is a Goal to human life.”

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