ON SEPTEMBER 12, 2002 AT 12:37 PM


“I am Saint Irenaeus.  I am Saint Columbkille.  I am Saint Bernardine.  I am Saint Joseph.

We All gather in a group to speak at this time on the Importance of human life, and the Goal for which The Father created it, created That Portion of it that is a Portion of Him, the Soul.

Today, as We take turns speaking, it is a privilege beyond what the human mind can understand a privilege to be.  When The Father beckons or calls One of Us to speak, We immediately respond to His Love for human life, because at this time The Father is very active in trying to help in many areas, the Souls of thousands and thousands and thousands of individuals, because there is so much diabolical example, direction and acceptance.

Though it is difficult for human beings of all degrees of intellect to understand the Importance of human life, why it was created, and of course, the Goal for which the Soul of every human being was given as the Connecting Link of Divine Love for this creation of human life called ‘man’, throughout the world there are all degrees of intellect, all degrees of what man calls ‘personalities, natures, characteristics’, and it is important that All that is delivered through This Gift of Divine Love be spread throughout the world.  Do not worry about language barriers, for in the very concern of what is being meant in the Words, will find some individuals who will take the time, the responsibility to translate.

There is so little sound direction to the young.  The casualness, the indifference is a sadness far beyond what Words can deliver at this time.  Human life has an Importance to it because of the Purpose for which it was created, and of course, for That Portion of it, the Soul.

We hear some say: ‘I cannot see my Soul.  How do I know I have a Soul?’ Let Me put it this way:  When you understand a pure action over an impure action, a pure thought over an impure thought, it is not just you and your body and your mind that are affected, it is your Soul that is the recipient of all you think, all you do, all you say, and yes, do not forget your intentions.

Each time One of Us Saints speak through This Gift of Divine Love, We cherish the moment, because to All of Us it is so important that human beings of all ages, all backgrounds, understand a very important Fact, that no matter how intelligent, how popular amongst others an individual is, they are still the custodian of a Portion of The Creator that is to be returned to Him in a Pure State, morally, mentally, psychologically, physically, and of course, spiritually.

We hear so many conversations on what mankind calls ‘modern’, thus using this as an excuse to accept all that is against The Commandments of The Creator, thus being against the Souls of those who are the victims or the recipients of accepting what is impure morally, mentally, physically.  There is so much that human life has that other things created do not have, and of course, the Main Portion of human life is the Soul.

We hear some say, ‘I cannot feel my Soul, I cannot see my Soul.’ Yes, you do, in the very fact that you are Blessed with an innate sensitivity that human life is distinct above all other created things.  It has a mentality, it has logic, it has the ability to understand, that nothing else created has.

I could speak hours on this subject regarding the Importance of human life, and the Goal for the Soul of human life that nothing else has.

I will close My Words with a very important Statement:  Don’t follow what you know is impure, unjust, incorrect to you, physically, mentally, morally, but seek out what will defy all these things, and be accountable for feeling that you are present every moment of every day, to the Eyes and the Will, the Love and The Spirit of The Creator Who created you, and wants your Soul to be returned a Saint.”

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