ON JANUARY 31, 2001 AT 1:35 PM


“I am Saint Margaret Mary.

The Father expresses His Love for human life in so many ways and so many times.  The birth of a child is a Gift of human life.  The privilege to raise the child to adulthood is a Gift of Divine Love.  The future, looking forward to all that can be accomplished mentally, physically, spiritually, is a Gift of Divine Love.

If only human life could see the Importance of human life, and that living in the human way is but the beginning of a Future Life.  Life does not end when the last breath is taken.  The Life of the Soul is to go on and on and on, in a Higher Place, a Greater Place, returning to The Father for the privilege of having walked the road in the human way.

As one takes lessons to learn about certain things, the accomplishment is a great event when good comes from what they have learned, practiced, and what they have been able to do with all this.  This can be compared to human life.  The seed of life is a Gift of Divine Love.  The breath of life is to give life the ability to do many things.  The actions in life give men, women and children the capability that nothing else has.

Today as I speak, I speak because I want human life, human beings, to more fully understand that to be born as a man, woman, is a privilege.  It has opportunity to it.  It has Goal to it.  It has Purpose above and beyond all other living matter or things.

Children should be instructed on this, that to not just look at today, but plan for the Future to become ‘a Saint’, the Greatest Goal that a human life can reach.  What more can a human being ask?

I end My Words with much Love, because walking the role of the human way is a road of hope and has a Goal that nothing else has.  So be it.”

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