ON JANUARY 4, 2001 AT 12:56 PM


“I am Saint Maria Goretti.

The little one We All use at The Father’s Will, is very cautious when it is announced Who will speak at that time.  We All smile at this Statement, especially when the confirmation of Who, Which One of Us it is that The Father Wills to talk, to give strength, hope, to the Importance of human life.

It has been spoken so many times what a privilege it is to human beings of all ages, cultures, intellects, that they have the privilege to receive so much Direction regarding their manner of living, because there are so many distractions throughout the world, not all pure in concept.  That is why This Gift of The Father’s Love is so important, alerting all who will read the Words, all who will hear about the Words, to the temptations available, and also how important The Commandments are that The Creator gave a long time ago to one voice.

As I speak today, The Father Wills My Words to point to Facts that are important regarding the young who have very little direction at this time, and so much emphasis is put on popularity, allowing and encouraging involvement in all that is available, even when it is impure morally to the mind, to the body, and of course, to the Soul.

There is not enough accent put on the importance of what would be moral, what would be pleasing if The Father were standing in a Presence, Form, which it should be understood that because each human being has a Soul, The Creator is Present every moment of living life.

This may be difficult for some to understand or even believe, but children should be instructed that even when they feel they are alone, God is Present through their Soul, and all that occurs is remembered.  Too little is being instructed on the Importance of the Soul.

There are millions of children at this moment who never think that whatever they are doing is being seen, heard, accepted or rejected, because the Soul is Present and constantly aware of everything, because the Soul is That Portion of human life that will return to The Father, and be Judged because of the individual in whom It was placed at the moment of his or her conception.

In a human way, individuals of all natures, degrees of intelligence, do not like to be judged, and if it occurs they want justice, they want truth, especially if these two things are applicable regarding their behavior, their manner of life.  So much could be delivered on this close Association of the Soul to The Creator, and the Soul to human life.

Each time One of Us speaks through This Gift of Divine Love, it is to benefit Souls who will one day read the Words and be awakened to the Importance of What human life is the custodian of:  a Soul, a Portion of The Creator, that will one day be Judged by The Creator for all that occurred while the Soul was with the individual, from the moment of his or her conception until the last breath of human life.  So be it.”

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