ON SEPTEMBER 28, 2001 AT 1:02 PM


“I am Saint Anna Maria Goretti.  Sometimes, before I speak, I ask a question.  I desire an answer because then I know you are recognizing Me as a Saint Here in the Heavens.

The world has been Blessed in many ways by The Father’s Love for human life.  It is sad to see so many men, women and children not understand their Close Association, the Close Association The Father has to man.  As each human being is born with a Portion of The Creator within them, it makes human life different than any other species of life, because others do not have a Soul.

As I speak to you today, I speak as in a human way, but I am the Soul of the one who speaks.  Remember My Words every day.

Souls do communicate with Each Other, even when you are living in a human way.  That is why it is so important that respect is shown for the human way, and also the understanding that as each human being has a Soul, the Souls recognize Each Other in a Special Way.

Children are not being instructed on what a Magnificent Gift human life is.  They are taught only about the mechanics of human life, and things they should know on terms and ways and degrees, totally humanistic.  That Special Part of human life that is different than anything else created, is What will remain of human life, for Another Time, Another Way.

Though it is difficult for one to perceive or conceive that they walk each day with a Portion in them of The Divine, they must recognize the fact that the Soul is dependent on all an individual thinks, does, participates in, and acts.

As I leave you, I request, that those you know of younger ages should know about the Soul that they are the custodian of.  So little is being instructed on the importance of the facts of human life, and that it has a Goal within it that must be taken care of, because It will be That Portion of human life that will remain in a Form of Existence not seen by human life, but important to the Soul, because It was created to be returned to The Father, a Saint.

I know I have spoken differently than Most Who have spoken, but I beseech you, I plead with you:  awaken the young to the Gift of human life.  It is a Goal beyond any goal they can strive to reach with their mentality, with their eagerness.

Remember the Words, and please remember to repeat Them in a loving manner, because They are Words that will remain with the young forever.  So be it.”

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