ON AUGUST 30, 2002 AT 12:40 PM


“I am Saint Josaphat.

This Gift of Divine Love is True.  It is sad when We hear doubt or unreasoning regarding Its existence in the world you live in today.  Those who doubt that The Father would give so much Love at this time, are very unsure of many things.

First of all, I question their Faith in all that has been delivered through time.  I question their ability to understand that The Son of The Creator was crucified.  I question many individuals who feel that the time that The Father was always available, was a long time ago.  I question the purpose for sins to be repeated constantly.  I question all ages of human life on how they feel The Commandments belong to others and not to them, because their habits, their feelings, their actions, to them, do not offend The Creator, through their disobedience in The Commandments.

I will cut this very short, because I know what I have spoken will be difficult for some to see the beauty of, the indepthness of, the reason for, and the value in the Words that are meant to help them more fully understand that human life has been gifted with a Portion in it called ‘the Soul’, and The Father has given so many Rules, Regulations, to protect This Portion of Him that each human being is the custodian of.

My next Statement is of great importance.  When you have something valuable, no matter what it is, is it not innate in you to protect it from being stolen, or broken or abused?  The Father has given to human life a Portion of Himself, called ‘the Soul’.  It is rarely thought about in Its Greatness, and in Its Divine Love, but today as I speak, I speak with Words to alert all of human life they are given a Soul, a Portion of The Creator.  It is the Greatest Gift in the whole world, and It is a Gift that will be returned to The Father at a particular time.”

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