ON APRIL 11, 2002 AT 12:58 PM


“I am Saint Martin de Porres.  I have spoken many, many times, not always announcing My Name, because it was important that the subject matter was to be remembered, due to the necessity of what It contained.

Many times it has been spoken that This Gift of Divine Love is a Blessing far beyond what a human mind can understand It to be.  It will not be for a long time that human beings will begin to see, to feel, to understand, how Important the Time was when they heard a Saint openly speak to man.

The Father has Blessed the world with a Gift of His Divine Love, allowing Communication on important subjects to be put into script for thousands of individuals to be able to read It, learn from It, and apply It to their lives in the manner they live.

Too few children are being instructed on the Importance of human life.  So much is put in a humanistic attitude, that they do not realize that perhaps a Saint could be speaking to them in a normal manner of tone, voice, subject matter.

The world is in chaos in many areas, but this could be corrected easier than the human minds of mankind understand its possibility.  There is a great lack of understanding that there is a Supreme Power in control of All things, but when These Words are spoken, the human minds of those who read Them or hear Them, immediately associate Them to a humanistic voice, mind, perception, and a calculation also.

The Father, in His Love for human life, has at different times allowed much to be revealed, to not just aid mankind or to encourage mankind on certain subjects, but to instruct mankind in a Personal, loving way.

There are thousands of so-called ‘religious individuals’ throughout the world who are bent on using words from books to instruct others on the importance of what they practice, what they think, what they should accomplish.  That is why The Father has given to the world one small voice, and has requested that All be put into script, thus giving strength to the Words, because The Father uses The Saints to deliver the Words that are not just strong in content, but informative in detail.

So much has been delivered through one small voice, and there is no place in the world All that has been put into script should not reach, no matter what language others speak.  Sometimes just holding the Book gives strength to an individual.  They feel the Importance of It.  This gives hope, but also an innate understanding that there is, in the Book, an important Message, revealing to them that there is an Ultimate Source for What is written.

As I close My Words, I close Them with deep Love for human life.  The Father has Willed This Gift be given to the world, not just where you live, because there is so little understanding in all human life regarding the Importance of human life, and that within it there is a Portion of The Divine that lives.  You know It as ‘a Soul’.  Remember this.”

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