ON NOVEMBER 23, 1992 AT 8:25 AM


“I am Saint Matthew.  Many will say, ‘Why would so Many speak through this one human being in the world?’ We All Here say, ‘This should alert mankind to the Importance of This Miracle that has been given to the world for some time.’

When man walks on certain streets, in certain areas, he or she is aware of signs of danger, and they are immediately struck by fear and try to use some form of self-protection; either they run, they take shelter, or they use combat of some form, to save their lives.

Millions of Words have been delivered, alerting mankind to the dangers they are active in, because of immorality, and because of ignoring God’s Rules that were given to protect mankind from the greatest enemy, called ‘the devil’, a fallen angel who was cast out of Heaven for many, many reasons.

Man says, ‘That’s a story of the past.’ I, Saint Matthew say, ‘It is a story mankind should never forget.’

The world is the Creation of God.  Man is a Special Creation of God.  God did not give the trees Commandments, but He created them.  It is God Who Controls the whole balance of the universe.  How can man dare to, in any way, cause impurity to be so much of everyday living, knowing that it is an offense against God?

There are many in the world who preach what they call ‘religion’.  Some may even barely touch on God’s Commandments.  But let Me remind you, all things He created have great reason and purpose.  Mankind is the closest creation to God, and man must see the danger that is presented every day by the enemy of God and of man.

It is time that millions read Our Words, and it is time they see the Value to This Gift The Father has given to mankind, so that mankind will see the danger and use every source of human love, manner and way, to fight for what is good and defy the enemy who is the master of disguises.  I will speak more on this.  So be it.”

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