ON SEPTEMBER 17, 1998 AT 1:13 PM


“I am Saint Matthew.

Mankind studies many subjects, historical, geographical, mathematical, works of art, laws that pertain to locations, areas, and personal behavior.  The list of subjects that mankind studies, practices, uses, associates with in daily life are numerous, but when an individual studies about The Creator, about Creation, the subject matter is not always complete, because human life is limited on these matters in regard to the subjects that are multiple in number.

At different times, The Father selects an ‘individual’ or ‘individuals’ to lead others to Facts, on Facts regarding the Purpose for which human life was created.  No one individual has the full understanding, full concept or ability to know the full degree that’s contained in The Father’s Form of Creativity, Reason for Creativity.

Today as I speak, what I am about to say has an importance in It, for It, to It, because The Father has chosen ‘this time’ for mankind to become more aware, informed, regarding the Value of human life, and what a Special Creation it is, because of its manner in which it is created, and all that is instilled into each creation.  The list is endless in human life.

As an individual is conceived, then born, there is a time period of great importance.  The formation of the individual, plus the Reason for this human life, is above and beyond all other living matter or things.  Historically, mankind was told that human life was created to the Image and Likeness of The Creator, of God.  This, of course, gives to the mind of human life a sense of connection, closeness, that instills a feeling of belonging.

Human life has a Purpose, logical in the very mind of human minds, and that is to know right from wrong, good from evil, and the ability to sense certain factors that give to human life an association of abilities, understanding, growth, fear, intelligence, and the capabilities to use what is in human life to function in many fields available, to use one’s mentality, ideas, to create many, many things.

Mankind is gifted with an innate sensitivity to what is pure, what is impure, what is right, what is wrong, what is good, what is evil.  This, of course, instills into the mentality the ability to make correct decisions on subjects, in situations that are protective or beneficial, if that is the case.

In giving to the world so much from All The Saints Who spoke previously through This Miracle of The Beloved Holy Spirit, humanly known as ‘Saint Joseph’, mankind has been informed of an area of human life that gives strength to what human life is all about, always addressing the Purpose for human life, in a manner, a way, that gives hope to a continuance of the life living on after the physical no longer exists.

We hear some individuals make a statement and say that life is like a battlefield, sometimes one wins, sometimes one loses.  Mankind, many times, creates his or her own battlefield, because in a battle there is always the right, and there is a wrong, there is good and there is evil, there is truth, there is untruth, there is peace, and then confusion.

This Gift of The Father’s Love, This Miracle of The Beloved Holy Spirit of The Father, has delivered through so Many, the Importance of human life, and that human life, in the Goal Intended, is to reach for the Soul to be returned to The Creator for All Eternity.

We hear individuals not quite understand why a Miracle of This Magnitude was created for man.  It is sad that mankind does not see what a Valuable Gift of Divine Love This Miracle is, because as Saints, so Many have spoken directly through This Gift, encouraging mankind to see the Importance of human life, and to realize the daily tasks, practices, affect the Soul, and it is important that the Soul be Pure, because the Soul is That Portion of The Creator that is the Strength behind the mental, the moral, the physical aspects of all an individual partakes in, accepts, promotes.

Children are not being taught in the right manner.  They are being instructed in a haphazard manner, way, degree, regarding the Importance of human life.  Even those who are very learned are not taking the time or the patience to see to it that what is important is for all ages of human life, even themselves, to strive for purity in daily life, this purity that affects their mind, their sight, their words, their touch, their actions, their abilities to express to others love for God.

There have been thousands and thousands and thousands of Words spoken through This Gift of The Father’s Love, and We see so many of Them being cast aside.  It is sad, because We see mankind of all ages happy to receive a gift, and many times even happier if the gift is wrapped especially for that individual.  They feel the care, no matter what the gift is.

How many individuals of all ages kneel at their bedside at night for a short time and say a prayer in a personal way, thanking God for the day, and perhaps apologizing for some act, some word or words that were unkind that could have affected the life, attitude, or actions of someone else in a very negative, unhappy way?  Kindness is not always part of man’s day, because there is so much self-love, self-indulgence, self-purpose, self-need, that supersedes what would please or help another individual have a better thought, encouragement, to practice some deed that would be beneficial.  How many human beings of all races, all colors, all creeds, take the time to thank The Creator for the day, for the time?

The world has been Blessed in many ways.  Mankind calls it ‘progress’, but here again, if progress is not used for the right reason, that means that mankind has allowed the enemy of God and man to participate, to control, or to be the leading factor.  This is a sadness, because human life is the only living thing that is born for a Great Purpose, a Great Goal, and that is to return to The Creator, That Portion of The Creator, the Soul.  So be it.”

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